In a world where the beauty industry often finds itself under scrutiny for ethical practices, consumers are increasingly inquisitive about the products they use. One brand that has piqued the interest of ethically-minded beauty aficionados is Rare Beauty. But, is Rare Beauty cruelty-free? This inquiry isn’t just a fleeting curiosity but a reflection of a broader societal shift towards more ethical consumerism.

As a part of our Cruelty-Free Check series, we delve into the cruelty-free claims of Rare Beauty to provide a thorough analysis for our readers.

Is Rare Beauty PETA approved?

Credits: Rare Beauty

Is Rare Beauty Cruelty Free?

With a clear policy against animal testing, ethical ingredient sourcing, and a refusal to engage with markets that mandate animal testing, it’s evident that Rare Beauty is indeed cruelty-free. Their certification by PETA, although debated, is another feather in their cap towards their cruelty-free claim.

Rare Beauty’s Official Stance on Animal Testing

Rare Beauty, founded by actress and singer Selena Gomez, has been open about its cruelty-free ethos right from its inception. The brand not only ensures that its finished products are free from animal testing but extends this principle to every stage of its product development cycle. This includes a strict policy against testing ingredients on animals, a standard that is also upheld by their suppliers and any third-party collaborators. Such a comprehensive approach ensures that every product that carries the Rare Beauty name adheres to the cruelty-free promise from conception to the shelf.

The brand’s commitment to a cruelty-free ethos is further demonstrated through its certification by PETA’s Global Beauty Without Bunnies program. This certification is a testament to Rare Beauty’s dedication to ensuring that no animals are harmed or subjected to testing for the sake of beauty. Being part of PETA’s certified list of brands is a significant step as it reflects a level of transparency and accountability towards maintaining cruelty-free standards.

Moreover, the brand’s cruelty-free commitment isn’t just a standalone effort. It’s part of a broader brand ethos that promotes self-acceptance and mental health advocacy. By ensuring that its products are cruelty-free, Rare Beauty also aligns its operational practices with its brand values, which resonate with a growing section of the consumer base that values ethical, cruelty-free, and vegan beauty products.

Is rare beauty cruelty-free?

Analyzing Rare Beauty’s Ingredient Sourcing

A critical aspect that underscores the cruelty-free claim of any brand is its ingredient sourcing strategy. Rare Beauty goes a step beyond just ensuring no animal testing; it also ensures that its products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. This is a significant commitment, as it requires meticulous sourcing and verification of each ingredient to ensure it aligns with cruelty-free and vegan standards.

The process of ensuring a cruelty-free ingredient list begins right from the sourcing stage, where Rare Beauty collaborates with suppliers who share the same ethical stance against animal testing and exploitation. This symbiotic relationship ensures that the ingredients used in Rare Beauty products are ethically sourced, devoid of animal derivatives, and are not tested on animals at any stage of the supply chain.

Moreover, a transparent ingredient list is available for consumers to review, which is a step towards building trust and educating consumers about the products they are using. This transparency also extends to acknowledging that while the brand is cruelty-free, not all products are vegan, which is an important distinction for informed consumer choices.

Furthermore, Rare Beauty’s commitment to ethical ingredient sourcing is not just limited to a cruelty-free stance. It also reflects in their choice of suppliers and the sustainability practices adopted to ensure a lower environmental impact. By ensuring a transparent, ethical, and cruelty-free ingredient sourcing strategy, Rare Beauty strengthens its position in the growing market of conscious beauty, aligning its operations with the evolving expectations of ethically-minded consumers.

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Rare Beauty’s International Selling Policies

Rare Beauty’s cruelty-free ethos extends beyond its ingredient list to its international selling policies. The brand does not distribute its products in regions where animal testing is mandated by law, thus maintaining its cruelty-free status globally​​.

Rare Beauty’s International Selling Policies

Comparisons with Other Beauty Brands

Comparing Rare Beauty with other beauty brands reveals a strong commitment on its part to uphold cruelty-free standards. This commitment is particularly evident when juxtaposed against brands that have yet to adopt cruelty-free practices or have ambiguous policies regarding animal testing.

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Customer Opinions and Reviews

The beauty community has largely embraced Rare Beauty’s cruelty-free stance. However, some have raised questions about the authenticity of PETA’s certification, suggesting a more lenient process compared to other certifying bodies​.

Customer Opinions and Reviews

Credits: Rare Beauty


The quest for cruelty-free beauty is a commendable journey, and Rare Beauty seems to be on the right track. Their transparent policies and certifications shed a positive light on their efforts to align with the cruelty-free ethos. As we continue exploring the cruelty-free status of various brands in our Cruelty-Free Check section, we invite our readers to share their insights and contribute to the broader discussion on ethical consumerism in the beauty sector.

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