Is MAELYS Cosmetics Cruelty-Free? Read Our Final Verdict

is maelys cosmetics cruelty free?

Is MAELYS Cosmetics cruelty-free? Let’s find out. We’ve seen this brand present itself as being deeply rooted in inclusion, quality, and compassion. Its marketing campaign revolves around creating products that not only deliver visible results but also uphold ethical standards.

But is the brand really cruelty-free? Moreover, being cruelty-free is just one part of the puzzle. We need to think about the brand’s entire supply chain, manufacturing, and packaging before we can settle on the brand’s ethical standards. As ethical consumers, we’ve got to ask these questions before we decide where to spend our money on MAELYS.

With that thought in mind, let’s get down to it: Is MAELYS Cosmetics cruelty-free. But before we answer that, let’s make sure we’re on the same page about what it even means for a brand to be cruelty-free. Let’s dive in!

What Makes a Brand Cruelty-Free?

The first rule of being a cruelty-free brand is that none of its products are tested on animals at any stage. Now, this isn’t just limited to the brand: Neither its suppliers nor third parties should conduct animal testing of its products or ingredients. 

Next up, trust. There are organizations like PETA and Leaping Bunny that give out certifications to brands that stick to strict cruelty-free rules. Having these is a big deal, as it shows that the brand is serious about it. And that means we can trust them.

Now, here’s the tricky part: global selling. See, some brands want to sell their stuff everywhere, including places like China where animal testing is still a thing. To put it simply, being cruelty-free means no animals, big or small, are getting tested during any part of making or selling the products. Now, let’s find out: Is MAELYS Cosmetics keeping it cruelty-free or not? 

Maely’s Cosmetics: An Overview

Overview of Maely’s Cosmetics
Source: MAELYS Cosmetics

MAELYS Cosmetics, a renowned beauty brand founded in 2016, has established itself as a leader in the skincare and cosmetics industry. Its clear vision and philosophy resonate with consumers worldwide. The brand’s commitment to developing innovative, high-quality beauty products that are accessible to everyone reflects its core values and mission.

These products are popular among customers and are designed to address various body care needs effectively, which is neglected by most cosmetic brands.

Is MAELYS Cosmetics Cruelty-Free

Is MAELYS Cosmetics Cruelty-Free
Source: MAELYS Cosmetics

Yes, MAELYS Cosmetics is cruelty-free. 

MAELYS Cosmetics is a popular and growing brand with a strong global presence. Looking at its website, Ecowiser found that MAELYS does not test its products or ingredients on animals. Its suppliers also share their cruelty-free commitment.

Is MAELYS Cosmetics Cruelty-Free
Source: MAELYS Cosmetics

And its website clearly mentions that it is cruelty-free. Here’s what we found while verifying if the brand is cruelty-free:

MAELYS Cosmetics Cruelty-Free Certifications 

As a commitment to following cruelty-free practices and ethically manufacturing and selling products, MAELYS Cosmetics also holds cruelty-free certification from PETA.

MAELYS Cosmetics Cruelty-Free Certifications 
Source: PETA

MAELYS Cosmetics’ Global Selling Policy

MAELYS Cosmetics' Global Selling Policy
Source: MAELYS Cosmetics

Well, MAELYS Cosmetics does not sell its products in countries that mandate animal testing. For instance, we found that this brand has no stores in China, a country known for animal testing under a few conditions.   

This truly is amazing, isn’t it?  

However, if not animal testing, how does MAELYS Cosmetic test its products to ensure they are effective and don’t have any side effects? Ecowiser’s find out!

MAELYS Cosmetics Alternative Testing Policies 

MAELYS Cosmetics Alternative Testing Policies 
Source: MAELYS Cosmetics

For ages, companies have used animal testing to see if their products work well. It’s kind of been the go-to method. But this brand doing things differently. 

Instead of testing on animals, MAELYS Cosmetics uses science and real people. It does tests with groups of women from different backgrounds. These women try out the products and follow the given instructions carefully for a while. Then, experts and dermatologists check the results and listen to feedback, to decide if the products are good. 

The brand even lets beauty influencers try their stuff and give their opinions. While this shows the results of these tests on their website, we couldn’t find any case studies that reflect this online. So, we have to trust the brand when it says that the products are safe and effective.

See what the Ecowiser’s experts have to say about the brand’s cruelty-free stand.

Ecowiser Verdict: Is MAELYS Cosmetics Cruelty-Free?

Ecowiser Verdict: Is MAELYS Cosmetics Cruelty-Free?

Yes, absolutely! 

Check out how we rate products for better understanding.

MAELYS Cosmetics is committed to being cruelty-free. It proudly states that none of its products or ingredients are tested on animals, aligning with ethical practices that many consumers prioritize. Moreover, MAELYS Cosmetics has received official cruelty-free certifications from PETA, which is a trust-building factor for ethically conscious consumers.

Ecowiser suggests that MAELYS can further enhance its commitment to the planet and its customers. While it upholds cruelty-free practices, there’s room for improvement in other areas, such as sustainable packaging and waste management.

Also, by being more open and vocal about its alternative testing policies, ingredient sourcing, and eco-friendly and planet-friendly practices, MAELYS can position itself as a leader in sustainable beauty. 

Overall, MAELYS shows great promise as a cruelty-free brand, and with continued efforts towards sustainability, it can achieve even greater recognition and trust from its customers. 

Therefore, after looking at all the parameters—resource use & circularity, health & environmental toxin-freeness, fair trade practices, animal welfare, & other sustainability factors—Ecowiser is hoping to see improvement from this promising brand.

MAELYS Cosmetics Walks The Talk

Today’s eco-conscious consumers want to avoid animal testing and promote practices that protect the environment. Improving these areas can help MAELYS reduce pollution and contribute to a cleaner, greener economy.

MAELYS Cosmetics is rocking the cruelty-free arena with its ethical vibes and happy customers. With PETA’s cruelty-free approval and a firm no to animal testing, it has totally won over the eco-conscious crowd.

But hey, there’s always room to do more, right? MAELYS could step up its game by using eco-friendly packaging and managing waste better. If it shares more about how it tests products and its green practices, it’ll be a top cruelty-free and sustainable brand in no time.

Summing Up!

Overall, MAELYS Cosmetics is a good choice for those seeking cruelty-free beauty products. Its focus on cruelty-free practices meets the growing demand for ethical beauty products and is a positive step for the industry.

So, you can definitely try out MAELYS Cosmetics products to show your support for a cruelty-free brand. Or if you are looking for more eco-friendly, ethical, and animal-friendly beauty products, check out Ecowiser‘s top picks for beauty and skincare!

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