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Frequently Asked Questions

Ecowiser’s trustworthiness stems from our commitment to transparency, rigorous evaluation processes, and our evidence-based approach. We maintain a strict policy of impartiality in all our ratings and openly communicate our methodologies and affiliate relationships. Furthermore, our credibility is bolstered by our team of several sustainability experts. Each team member brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in environmental and social issues, ensuring that our evaluations are both thorough and informed. More about our team’s commitment and individual backgrounds can be found on the “About Us” page of our website. This blend of professional rigor and personal dedication ensures that Ecowiser remains a reliable resource in promoting sustainable practices.
At Ecowiser, we employ a multifaceted approach to select brands for evaluation. Many sustainable brands discover us through word of mouth and choose to submit their profiles directly for review. In addition, our dedicated research team actively seeks out potential brands by meticulously analyzing publicly available information. This thorough and inclusive method ensures that we engage a broad spectrum of brands committed to sustainability, enhancing our ability to promote and support environmentally responsible practices.
Ecowiser rates brands based on four main parameters that reflect our commitment to comprehensive sustainability: environment, animal welfare, maker’s wellbeing, and community impact. For the environmental category, we assess how well a brand minimizes its ecological footprint through resource conservation and pollution reduction. Animal welfare examines a brand’s use of animal products and its adherence to ethical treatment standards. Maker’s wellbeing focuses on the labor practices of the brand, ensuring fair treatment and safe working conditions for all workers. Lastly, the ‘gives back’ parameter evaluates how the brand contributes positively to the community, such as through charitable donations or community service. Each brand is scored across these criteria to provide a transparent and holistic view of its sustainability practices.
Yes, Ecowiser partners on an affiliate marketing basis. We collaborate exclusively with brands that achieve our Platinum, Gold, or Silver ratings, ensuring our partners align with our high standards for sustainability and quality.
Our affiliate links are placed primarily within our blog posts and in our product directory. These links are transparently displayed and not hidden or cloaked, reflecting our commitment to transparency with our users.
Ecowiser may earn a commission through affiliate links for some of our products listed in our product directory. These commissions help support our operations and enable us to continue promoting sustainability.
Ecowiser is a bootstrapped company, relying primarily on internal funding sources and revenue generated through business operations. This approach allows us to maintain high levels of independence and alignment with our mission to promote sustainable and ethical practices.
Brands awarded badges or tags by Ecowiser can use these on their marketing materials, websites, and product packaging to signify their commitment to sustainability and to distinguish themselves in the market. Usage of these badges and tags is governed by our terms of use to ensure they are displayed in a manner that reflects their intended purpose and integrity.

As a Customer: You can actively participate by exploring and purchasing products from our directory, sharing our content, and spreading the word about our mission and the sustainable brands we feature. Engage with us on social media, provide feedback, and sign up for our newsletters to stay informed about the latest in sustainability.

As a Business: Businesses interested in aligning with Ecowiser can apply to have their brands evaluated and potentially featured in our directory if they meet our rigorous sustainability standards. We promote brands that pass our evaluation, offering them visibility among a dedicated audience. Additionally, businesses can partner with us on an affiliate basis, benefiting from collaborative marketing efforts. Businesses can also use our awarded badges and tags to enhance their market presence as recognized sustainable brands.

As an Ambassador: Join our Ambassador Program and harness your influence to champion sustainability. Benefit from paid brand partnerships, share your unique stories on our platforms, and increase your visibility through features on our social media and website. Additionally, lead paid workshops and gain exposure in our popular blogs. Sign up today to amplify your impact and collaborate with us in promoting eco-conscious living!

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