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Boost visibility with conscious consumers via:

  • 01

    Quick Assessment

    Get an overview of where your brand stands in terms of sustainability. Ideal for brands new to the green journey or looking for quick feedback

  • 02

    Detailed brand review and brand feature

    on Ecowiser’s brand directory, along with medal and badge assignment

  • 03

    Certification guidance

    to assist you in navigating various green certifications and steps you could take to achieve them

  • 04

    Actionable insights

    on improving your business's sustainability rating

  • 05

    Embeddable widgets

    to simplify certifications and communicate compliant green claims through badges.

Why verify your claims?

Ecowiser simplifies and makes it cost-effective for brands to convey their validated sustainability accomplishments in accordance with transparent standards, allowing brands to demonstrate their commitment to the UN Global Goals and empowering consumers to make eco-conscious decisions.

By verifying your sustainability-related assertions through Ecowiser, you’ll have immediate access to benefits, such as:


Attract conscious shoppers who purchase products from sustainable brands


Enhance brand reputation as a prominent purpose-driven brand contributing to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Foster trust among consumers and take a stance against deceptive green marketing


Cultivate brand recognition and connect with your target audience


Display your unique sustainable selling points (USPs) throughout your product offerings and marketing efforts

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Market regulatory compliant Green Claims

How It Works

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  • 01 Submission

  • 02 Evaluation

  • 03 Medals & Recognition

01 Submission

Submit your brand/product feature sustainability-related details to us.

Submit brand >

02 Evaluation

Our team of experts conduct a thorough analysis to assess brand/product impact on environment, worker wellbeing, health and safety, animal welfare, philanthrophy, and so on.

See how we rate >

03 Medals & Recognition

Based on how a brand/product performs next to our rating system, medals/scores and badges are awarded, in addition to recommendations that provide actionable insights to improve brand/product rating.

Join 100+ verified brands

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the verification process take place?
We always aim to complete verififying submissions within 14 business days of receiving a submission.
How can I use verification assets provided by Ecowiser?

Assets have been crafted for adaptability and can be utilized in nearly any context where you want to convey your brand’s sustainable unique selling points (USPs), including but not limited to:

  • Website footer
  • Website product pages
  • Sustainability reports and pages
  • Social media and various digital marketing channels
  • Advertisements, banners, posters, and leaflets
  • Displayed in shop windows

Download our Media kit >

What do you charge for a detailed brand assessment?

We aim to make Ecowiser’s verification accessible to all brands by customising our price plans, check our pricing here

Where can I download the free sustainability guidebooks/best practices assets for brands?

Please click here to access our Sustainbility Guidebooks.

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