Is Kosas Sunscreen Worth The Hype? Read Our Expert Review

kosas sunscreen review

Kosas sunscreen has taken social media by storm. Your favorite influencers can’t stop talking about the DreamBeam SPF 40 PA++++. And it’s time Ecowiser chips in too. Is it good? Does it work? Should you spend your hard-earned money on it? Well. We have the answers to questions you did and did not ask.

As a sustainability platform, we’re always on the lookout for brands that are fair to everyone—people, animals, and the planet. And our reviews can’t be all the effectiveness of the products at hand. We have to dig in to figure if the brand is cruelty free, too.

So, is Kosas cruelty-free? That’s a good question to ask.

This article doesn’t just look into Kosas cruelty-free claims. Along with sharing our thoughts on the brand’s bestseller DreamBeam SPF 40 sunscreen, we’ll be taking a close look at the brand as a whole.

Why? Well, we want you to be able to decide for yourself if the DreamBeam sunscreen is the right fit for you, and if this influencer-crazed brand truly lives up to its cruelty-free promise. Let’s begin!

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Is Kosas Sunscreen Worth The Hype?

Kosas Sunscreen Review

Let’s talk about the brand’s Sunscreen — the DreamBeam SPF 40! Now, We’ve got some mixed feelings about this one. Here are all the standout features at a glance:

Kosas Sunscreen Review

Let’s walk through you through each of these:

Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 

This sunscreen has 21.7% non-nano zinc and titanium di-oxide that builds up to protect your skin with an outstanding SPF 40. With PA++++, it offers 16 times more protection from UVA rays. So, it’s good for a sunny day out with friends! However, it’s best to reapply it after every two hours, if you don’t like to tan at all. 

List of Ingredients

The DreamBeam packaging poses a bold claim that the sunscreen comes together with only a handful of ingredients. But, when we looked deeper it is pretty much like any other mineral-based sunscreen, minus the harmful ingredients. So, that’s a plus! Its claim stands true to keep the skin hydrated and smooth due to the presence of peptides, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and allantoin, all good stuff. 

Here’s the full ingredient list.

List of Ingredients
Source: Kosas

Water Resistance

This Kosas sunscreen claims to provide water resistance for 80 minutes. But, it completely depends on the kind of water activity you are in. It’s good for a sweaty, beachy, or rainy day. So, plan the outdoor activities accordingly.

Texture and Application

The tinted sunscreen has a dewy, shimmery appearance upon application, which some users find flattering. It doesn’t leave a white cast and can be used as a base primer for your makeup, which is great. However, it can feel oily, especially for those with oily to combination skin types.

kosas sunscreen Texture and Application


The DreamBeam sunscreen claims that it is fragrant-free. We found that it’s not entirely true. This Kosas sunscreen has a mild rosy fragrance. The good thing is it doesn’t stuff your nostrils and is bearable. However, it would have been better if there was none! 


Because it’s tinted, it provides good coverage. So, a little product goes a long way. However, it also depends if you are staying indoors or outdoors. Then, you might have to re-apply it to get the maximum sun protection. Considering that it only has 1.3 ounces, again, it depends on usage from person to person.  

Skin Sensitivity

This Kosas sunscreen claims to be non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, non-irritating, hypoallergenic, and safe for sensitive skin, and dermatologically tested. But, we found mixed results about this claim. 

While many found this sunscreen well-suited for their skin types. Unfortunately, some users experienced breakouts, suggesting that the formula may not be suitable for all skin types. The reason for the breakouts can be because of the fragrant compound (caprylic triglyceride), surfactant (iso-stearic acid), and emulsifier (polyglyceryl 3 diisostearate), which are linked to acne and mild breakouts.

Kosas Sunscreen Skin Sensitivity

Packaging and Portability

Here’s where we were expecting more from Kosas! While the packaging is sleek and stylish, and made from recycled plastic; it’s not refillable, or even reusable posing an eco-friendly concern once the product is finished. 


At $40, the Kosas sunscreen, or DreamBeam sunscreen, is no doubt on the pricier side and maybe heavier in a few people’s pockets. However, its quality and benefits may justify the investment for some users looking to buy clean beauty products. 

Is the Kosas Sunscreen Worth It?

So, Kosas DreamBeam Sunscreen has its pros and cons. It offers sun protection; water resistance up to a certain level; doesn’t leave a white cast; can be used as a make-up base, and provides hydration. But, it may cause breakouts for some, feel too oily for others, and have a strong scent. Plus, the packaging isn’t the most reusable. 

Having said that, every cosmetic product works differently for different people. And, you can probably try the Kosas sunscreen first, it might just work for you!

There! You’ve found a clean and green sunscreen for the summer. Now, it’s time to shift your focus to the question: is Kosas cruelty-free or not? Here’s what we found about Kosas’ cruelty-free claims.

Is Kosas Cosmetics Cruelty-Free? 

Is Kosas Cosmetics Cruelty-Free? 

Kosas Cosmetics is a brand all about making you feel good in your own skin. They focus on clean beauty, meaning their products use safe and gentle ingredients that won’t harm your skin. Kosas believes that good makeup shouldn’t be messy. It should be easy, comfy, and clean. They call it the “comfy glam” vibe—making you look fabulous while still feeling super comfortable.

They offer everything from vibrant lipsticks to radiant highlighters, all designed to help you look and feel your best. But when it comes to animal testing, where does Kosas stand?

Fortunately, Kosas stands against any kind of animal testing of its products. Let’s learn about its animal testing policy.

What is Kosas Cosmetics’s Cruelty-Free Policy?

Is Kosas truly cruelty-free? To determine that, we dug deep into their policies. The good news is that Kosas proudly states that they don’t conduct or commission any kind of animal testing. They’re earnest about it too, even making sure their suppliers and partners follow suit. 

Furthermore, when we looked into Kosas global stance on animal testing and cruelty-free practices, it was a breeze of fresh air to find out that they don’t sell their products in countries where animal testing of cosmetic products is mandatory. 

It truly highlights the ethical commitment of Kosas as a brand to support cruelty-free product formulations and make the world a safer place for all the beings living in our animal kingdom.

Certifications & More

If you’re still wondering if Kosas is cruelty-free or not, here’s some solid proof: they’re certified by Leaping Bunny. The brands genuinely concerned about being cruelty-free, and who care about delivering clean and ethically sourced products to their customers, only take this extra mile.  

Kosas Certifications

Leaping Bunny and PETA are the flag bearers when it comes to looking into cruelty-free practices by the brands. Their certifications come after a thorough examination of the brand’s policies, ethical, and cruelty-free policy. 

Is Kosas Cosmetics Vegan?

Is Kosas Cosmetics Vegan?

Unfortunately, Kosas isn’t entirely vegan. But the brand does have lots of vegan options in their very large product line. Their brush collection, for example, is completely vegan and made from natural fibers. One of their bestsellers is the Multitasking Eye Brush, perfect for putting on eyeshadow. They’ve also come out with a Plump + Juicy Vegan Collagen Spray-On Serum that’s been getting a lot of love from vegan makeup fans.

So, while not everything they sell is vegan, they make it clear which products are. They even list out all the ingredients, which makes it easy for eco-conscious and vegan users to decide if it’s right for them.

What is Kosas Cosmetics’ Green Policy?

Kosas, the makeup brand, walks the talk on its planet-positive approach in several ways, such as using eco-friendly ingredients, teaming up with green energy manufacturers, and using recycled plastic (PCR) for their packaging. 

Apart from over the counter measures, they also work behind the scenes to reduce their carbon footprint and make the planet a better place for everyone. Moreover, they’re also certified by FSC, which only highlights their commitment towards a greener planet.

What is Kosas Cosmetics' Green Policy?
Source: Kosas

Ecowiser’s Recommendations

At Ecowiser, we understand that every step counts. While Kosas is leaps and bounds ahead of other brands when it comes to sustainability, there is also room for improvement. We noticed something important about their packaging. As mentioned in the Kosas sunscreen review, Kosas should focus on making packaging that can be reused or recycled instead of being thrown away. They need to think about reducing waste even after their products leave the shelves, not just during production. 

Ecowiser hope to see some favorable design changes in Kosas cosmetics in the near future. 

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What Ecowiser’s Experts Say!

Ecowiser’s esteemed panel of researchers and experts find that Kosas Cosmetics stands out for its commitment to cruelty-free practices. They proudly state on their website that they don’t test on animals and ensure their suppliers follow suit. Kosas’ global policy doesn’t permit sale in regions where animal testing isn’t mandatory, solidifying their stance on staying cruelty-free.

With certifications from Leaping Bunny, they prove their dedication to clean, green, and ethical products. The brand is transparent about its practices and doesn’t hide any details about its supply chain and alternative testing methodology. We take this as their active contribution to making products more sustainable for a cleaner world.

At Ecowiser, our team of experts puts each brand through meticulous standards of testing. Check out our process of How We Rate

Ready to Drop A Dollar At Kosas?

Kosas has emerged as a clean and caring brand in the cosmetics and skincare world. It’s sunscreen, with some mixed reviews, is certainly worth a try. And if you’re wondering whether Kosas is cruelty-free. The asnwer is Yes! The brand says no to animal testing and has certificates to stand on this claim. They don’t sell in places like China where animal testing is needed. Their dedication to ethical and sustainable practices in the beauty industry is crystal clear. 

When we shop, we should pick brands like Kosas that care about animals and the planet. With Kosas, we can look good and feel good about our choices. So, choose Kosas and support kindness in beauty!

For more sustainable, ethical, and cruelty-free beauty and skincare products head to Ecowiser’s beauty and skincare recommendations. 

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