The 7 Best Organic Mattresses for Sustainable Slumber

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In today’s fast-paced world, where environmental consciousness is at the forefront of our minds, it’s essential to make conscious choices even when it comes to our sleep. Organic mattresses can give you a comfortable, rejuvenating sleep experience and also align with your commitment to sustainability.

We’ve curated a great selection of the top 7 organic mattresses available in the market, so that you can make an informed decision for a restful yet environmentally responsible slumber.

Choose one that suits you best and head to our curated list for the best organic mattress toppers, so you can extend the life of your new mattress. Now that’s sustainable thinking!

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If you didn’t already know, most mattresses release a huge amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These chemicals disrupt your circadian rhythms, and they also give you several health problems.

Organic mattresses and their natural counterparts are made from certified materials that are VOC-free. This means your mattress won’t be a chemical cocktail of sorts. Instead, it will encourage healthy, non-toxic sleep!

Besides giving back to the earth, there are several factors to compel you to think about buying a new non-toxic mattress. Organic mattresses can feature covers made out of non-GMO, organic cotton. They’re not harsh or too pliable, and can support your body, enabling better air circulation and heat retention.

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Before we dive into our recommendations, we’ll clear up a few important things. This includes reasons why should you consider buying an organic mattress, how to determine the legit from the counterfeit, and some facts backed by our research.

Why Choose Organic Mattresses?

People frequently wonder if organic alternatives are more expensive. Plus, what is the guarantee that it is even organic considering the greenwashing these days?

It’s no doubt our mattresses have traces of chemicals. But can our mattresses be organic if they are made of common materials like latex foam? Can we choose the usual synthetic stuffing?

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We can assure you that going organic is the right choice. Organic mattresses offer great benefits. Let’s look into the benefits of switching to a natural, organic and non-toxic mattress.

Organic Mattresses are VOC-Free

VOCs are compounds used in flame retardants and mattresses. Standard mattresses usually off-gas VOCs when you are sleeping on them. In other words, your mattress is releasing toxins into the air that you end up directly inhaling. Yikes!

Also, your body heat also prompts off-gassing, which means that the level of fumes increases with the body heat. Currently, VOCs in mattresses remain beneath the ‘No Significant Risk Levels’ under the environmental laws of California.

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But does that help you sleep at night? And what about the fact that these chemical compounds are particularly harmful for infants and children? VOCs are known to exude compounds that can cause cancers. Some of these compounds are benzene and formaldehyde.

But how do organic mattresses resolve this problem? Are they VOC-free?

Yes, they are! Organic mattresses are certified organic because they are made of anti-microbial compounds like natural latex and can save you from eye irritations, dizziness and nausea – which in short is everything that mattresses with VOCs will do to you.

Organic Mattresses Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

It’s great that more people are transitioning to options that are healthier for them and for the planet. Lowering our carbon footprint is a major concern, motivating us to go organic. By eschewing options with VOCs, you cut down on the harmful gases released by the products that feature them.

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Switching to an organic mattress will definitely reduce your carbon footprint as it does not feature toxins that will jeopardize you. Mattresses that feature organic stuffing are beneficial. The stuffing used in organic mattresses is grown on significantly less land and uses lesser gallons of water.

Even mattresses that use natural latex use ethically sound processes where you do not have to cut the tree to derive the product. You are making an environmental impact when you choose such a mattress over synthetic options.

Non-Toxic Mattresses are More Durable

When it comes to durability, an organic or natural mattress will do significantly better than the regular options that feature VOCs. These mattresses have a longer-life expectancy. So, you don’t have to encounter spilled stuffing or sinking for a decade into using green mattresses. Avocado Green and Birch are some of the most durable organic mattresses that also feature in our list below.

Is a Non-Toxic Mattress Better for You?

Of course it is! A non-toxic mattress comes with several benefits apart from the positive environmental contributions. It improves your breathability as mattresses made from anti-microbial materials like natural latex and organic cotton wick away moisture and heat away from your body better.

A green mattress features water-based adhesives and natural compounds that are better absorbers. They also evenly distribute heat and pressure. Plus, the excellent temperature regulation is an absolute banger! If you are someone who likes to sleep at a cooler temperature, organic mattresses are the best choice for you.

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Green mattresses are made from hypo-allergenic materials. If you’re sensitive to fumes that irritate your nasal tract, you’ll finally be able to breathe free with an organic mattress. Choose mattresses made with natural latex foam, organic cotton, organic wool or coils for better results.

Is a Green Mattress Eco-Friendly?

Absolutely. Mattresses that are organic and non-toxic are specifically tested to pass the gold standard of eco-friendliness. Here, eco-friendly doesn’t just refer to the material used in the mattresses but all the production processes involved. From sourcing to processing, we’re looking at factors that cause the least environmental degradation.

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Eco-friendly mattresses respect all forms of life and not just the consumers. They use less water, less land, and avoid the need for cutting trees or decimating large forests.

Responsible companies are transparent, committed and have a spirit of furthering the cause of the environment. While the topic itself is debatable as several companies end up investing in temporary carbon sinks, our recommended brands usually partner with producers and facilities that are ethical and have a good impact on nature.

How Do I Know if a Mattress is Eco-Friendly?

The key to knowing if a mattress is eco-friendly or not, is to know how to shop for one.

Green mattresses can be eco-friendly, but not when they are being greenwashed. Even mattresses that are made out of the most natural materials can have a negligible or harmful environmental impact. As Maggie Lee of the UNEP clarifies further, the use of the term ‘natural’ isn’t regulated when it goes beyond food products.

While these doubts will remain a part of seeking alternatives to larger issues, consumers should direct their efforts towards better alternatives. We have been caged inside a marketed definition of comfort that we don’t realize it can be accessible beyond the established standards or the available products.

Organic mattresses are an alternative that feature no polyester or polyurethanes that are potentially harmful when they are used and discarded. Green mattresses do not cease at the environmental ethics or medical viability of the material, they are also sociologically fair.

Companies are infamous for minting money at the expense of workers who toil hard to give them the raw material for processing. Most of the time, the real cultivators are not given their legitimate share of profits, or they are systemically oppressed in poor working conditions in facilities and are subjected to inhuman circumstances.

Therefore, while we consider the ecological component of eco-friendly, we must also recognize that there is a social dimension to it. Favoring brands that source their products from small or family-owned facilities and farms is a good start. Feel free to research your favored options and ask them a lot of questions to ensure that you’re making the right choice.

How Do I Choose an Organic Mattress?

There are several factors to consider while trying to choose an organic mattress. Although fans of a completely minimal and natural lifestyle will advocate sleeping on the floor, which works for many, it doesn’t work for all.

Organic mattresses are costlier because of the production expenses and other intensive practices involved in making them. If you’re running low on your budget, you can still look at mattress toppers that will extend the life of your existing mattress. But if you can and want to, try choosing a safer, non-toxic organic mattress.

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The emphasis on your access to safer products and the planet’s right to protection must be taken into account. Therefore, there are gold standards to determine how clean a mattress can be for you. Look for these metrics when you shop for your next organic mattress.

Certifications Organic Mattresses Should Have!

Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)

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This certification is found in latex mattresses that classify them as organic. A GOLS certification means the producers of the latex (in your mattresses) followed efficient and eco-friendly methods of deriving the sap from the rubber tree, and processed it into foam with a method that was safe and organic.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

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Several organic mattresses will also feature a GOTS certification if they have materials like organic cotton, wool or other organic fibers.

They certify a product on three levels – the factory, the materials used to manufacture the mattress, and the finished product. Oregon Tilth and the International Control Union are the third-party agencies that provide the GOTS certifications.

GreenGuard Gold

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The third most common certification is the GreenGuard Gold that evaluates the level of VOCs in a mattress. This is an air quality metric that ensures your mattress is meeting the permissible emission limits. You should remember that GreenGuard Gold certification DOES NOT mean that your mattress is entirely VOC-free. It only says that it meets an ultra-safe limit that won’t interfere with your immune system.

Oeko-Tex Standard

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Next up is the Oeko-Tex standard that is used for testing raw materials used to produce the mattress. It’s quite rigorous and doesn’t make the slightest allowance for the presence of chemicals in the stuffing, covers or anything used in the mattress.


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Certipur-US is another prized certification that organic mattresses feature. This certification signifies that your mattress is PBDE and flame retardant free.

However, the presence of the latter is dubious. While Certipur phases out a maximum amount of flame retardants, it still doesn’t restrict all of them. Certipur assures you that your mattress won’t contribute to the ozone depletion or won’t feature lead or formaldehyde, usually present in other standard mattresses.

Type, Feel and Price

Let’s categorize these important factors as ‘TFP’. You ought to keep them in mind, besides the above certifications. Select mattresses based on how soft or firm you want them. You’d want the perfect support and material, in a mattress that’s worth the money.

Boll & Branch offer some of the most affordable mattresses. The price will depend on the size of the mattress, of course. You can also look for brands with EMI or free shipping options. Brands like Saatva give you a trial before buying their mattress.

The 7 Best Organic Mattresses That are 100% Non-Toxic

Finally, here our our recommendations! They are curated by our expert research team, ranking them based on popularity, customer satisfaction, commitment to sustainability, and affordability.

The biggest luxury one can afford is a safe and ethical lifestyle that enables you to live sustainably. With these organic mattresses, you can finally get some sublime, sustainable sleep.

Avocado Green Mattress

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One of the most popular recommendations for organic mattresses is Avocado. Recommended as the best organic mattress for those on the heavier side, Avocado offers you an organic experience with bouncy yet firm mattresses. Don’t worry about sinking into it or the mattress losing its shape as it holds up quite well.

Avocado’s mattresses and products are handcrafted in California, and are made from 100% certified organic materials. The brand flaunts some of the best customer reviews and credentials such as Climate Neutral, Fair Trade, and GOTS and GOLS certified.

Featuring all the gold standard qualifications and natural materials such as natural latex, organic cotton and wool, Avocado should be your first go-to if you want to buy an eco-friendly mattress.


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Second up on our list is Birch. They offer a fuss-free, non-toxic experience.

GREENGUARD GOLD certified, Birch sources its woolen stuffing from individual farms in New Zealand in partnership with the PGC Wrightson Wool Integrity Program which guarantees that only the best and the fairest farming practices are being followed. So, no sheep were harmed in producing Birch mattresses.

Birch’s mattresses are flexible, elastic, excellent at regulating temperatures, and flame retardant.

Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress

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Awara is one of the best budget-friendly picks. Awara’s mattresses are reasonably priced with premium options. They are made of natural latex and wool that respond quickly to the slightest movements without disturbing you.

The brand also offers a good degree of temperature regulation and supports your back. Also, the covers are breathable! You can find the best deals on Awara mattresses on Amazon or on their very own website!

Nolah Natural 11 Mattress

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Nolah has claimed the fourth spot on our list of the best organic mattresses and here’s why. Their mattresses are environment-friendly and hypoallergenic, made from premium Talalay latex.

Plus, it features layers and layers of soft and fluffy GOTS certified organic wool and recycled steel coils. The mattress will snugly fit into your bed while providing gentle cooling, excellent support, and perfect breathability as you snore away gently into the night.

The Sleep Foundation also awarded Nolah Natural the title of the Best Mattress for Allergies in 2022. Handcrafted and having all the certifications down to the tee, Nolah Natural 11 is one to consider.


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Next up is luxury favorite Saatva, that offers a variety of mattresses to cushion you softly on its warm and welcoming surface made of premium, certified materials.

CEO Ron Rudzin’s vision dwells in Saatva’s every product which is elegant, supportive and strong.

All their mattresses are made to last longer and use eco-friendly foams, free of toxic chemicals. The brand also supports non-profits like Austin Pathways and PENCIL to support and mentor students. Check out their range of mattresses right here!


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PlushBeds offers customers some of the best organic mattresses. A luxury manufacturer, PlushBeds have perfected the art of a superior sleep experience. Featuring a range of products, their mattresses are absolutely heavenly and are made from the finest materials available.

The brand also has a range of certifications that speak for its quality – GOLS, GOTS, USDA Organic, Forest Stewardship Council, and Eco-INSTITUT.

If you’ve got a flexible budget, you can also shop for PlushBeds’ range of mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows, all of which are vigorously tested.

Brentwood Home

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One of the most trusted producers of organic mattresses is Brentwood Home. You can live the green lifestyle in comfort and style with the brand’s range of soft and cushiony non-toxic mattresses made of plant-based BioFoam. Brentwood Home’s mattresses are made with some of the most innovative materials and cutting edge technologies, also featuring TENCEL.

This brand swears by the California Ethos and is committed to encouraging sustainability while promoting fair practices in production facilities. They have partnered with Sustainable Surf – an ocean conservation non-profit that undertakes community projects to save the oceans.

With such glowing credentials like GOTS and FSC standards, their lineup of green mattresses and mattress toppers are a great choice for any home! Get them right here.

Our Take on Non-Toxic Mattresses

We’re totally in favor of mattresses that give you a more restful sleep while shielding you from the harmful impacts of PBDEs and VOCs. It is every person’s right to have a safe, fulfilling sleep that is enriched with nourishment and care. Go for mattresses that are organic, safe, non-toxic and compliant with sustainability standards. It’s a good choice for both you and the planet. Remember to look for the indicators and certifications we mentioned, so that you can find a mattress which is perfect for you!

Don’t forget to download our chrome extension to get the hottest green mattress recommendations and more for your sustainable lifestyle!

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