27 Zero Waste Stores for Easy, Affordable Eco-Friendly Swaps

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The product is everything, the waste is naught.

But First, What is Zero Waste? 

Consumers are already burdened with choices, so what if our shopkeepers come to the rescue? Zero Waste is a lifestyle decision that minimises wastage of any kind. Be it plastic, aluminium, rubber, metal, and various types of paints, etc. The name is self-explanatory. Under the Zero Waste Ideology, reusable and recyclable materials are used. The emphasis is to cut out the excessive and unnecessary plastic packaging which is unsustainable. To promote this attitude, Zero Waste Stores are cropping up around the World. 

Zero Waste: The conservation of all resources by means of responsible production, consumption, reuse and recovery of all products, packaging, and materials, without burning them, and without discharges to land, water, or air that threaten the environment or human health.

Zero Waste Stores are kiosks, retail shops, or online stores that sell products without extra packaging. They use materials like paper, stainless steel, glass, and cloth.

No waste stores like The Tare Shop, The Unwaste Shop, EarthHero & The Refill Shoppe usually sell products like food storage silicone bags, beeswax food wraps, bamboo cutlery, and solid shampoo and conditioner bars, and other day-to-day items. 

These companies also have in-house organic snacks, grains, and groceries that are loose. We as customers have to bring bags or jars to buy spices, honey, legumes and grains. This cuts down on the unnecessary  packaging and wrappers. This style of marketing and selling is impacting not only consumer mindset but also the way producers and middle people interact with such goods.  

The Most Exhaustive No Waste Stores List

In this list, you will get all major online and offline zero-waste stores based in the US and Canada.  These are pretty much the best no-waste online stores and best no-waste offline stores too. The stores are in no particular order. 


This is Amazon but better, EarthHero is an online retail aggregator that only sells products that are sustainable and ethical in their production process. They have a huge variety of different eco-friendly goodies in segments such as self-care, clothing, baby-care, kitchen, and even tech.  

zero waste shop
Photo credits: EarthHero website

EarthHero is a certified B Corp, it is part of the 1% For The Planet Group and they are even Carbon Neutral, so all the good stuff at one place. Their goal is to make buying responsibly, a second-nature. They aim to provide super cool sustainable products which are of the highest quality and standard. So try out their products at their website and be a true modern age superhero for our planet


Everything touches Everything Else, the long form of the company name and the core of its philosophy. ETEE is the dreamland for a person who hates plastic. The founders are a bunch of super creative geniuses, they have developed over 40 unique products like dish shop concentrates, ethical body bars, and chew pastes. Their collection is pragmatic and minimal, they use packaging materials like recycled paper, beeswax paper, and even natural loofah

package free store
Photo Credits: ETEE Website

They sell their products across the US and Canada with sustainable shipping. So don’t worry about overpackaging or wastage. They are good at what they do. ETEE also has a No Plastic Club, where the members can buy sustainable and biodegradable products at a wholesale rate. So Savings Abound!!!

Zero Waste Store

One of the first Low Wastage Store owners, The Zero Waste Store provides an amazing range of offers on their products if you buy them wholesale. They have got your interests covered. You can browse their options for Hair Care Kit, Laundry Kit, Pet Care Bundle, Skin Care Collection and a lot more. They are part of the Carbon Neutral Alliance, so their shipping and packaging is absolutely good for the environment. Their kits, bundles, and collections are curated by their editors who are experts in sustainability, health, and nutrition. This focus on high-quality goods separates them from other such brands.

no waste online shops
Photo Credits: ZeroWasteStore Website

The ZWS is part of the 1% For The Planet,  so they are deeply committed and serious about topics such as animal rights, DEI and racial justice. Support such ESG initiatives by buying from their product lines, another good news is they currently have a flat 15% offer on all products!!! 

Green Bohème

A suave and smooth website with an equally posh curated list of products. Green Bohème is a premium Canadian zero waste store. They have a good collection of Ceramics, Hygiene, and Kitchen Goods. The look and feel of the products is very classy, you will love their savon de marseille soap, dry massage brush, biodegradable multipurpose sponges and even the bamboo compost bins. All their products are made in partnership with artisans from around the world such as from Mexico, India, France, and of course Canada.

zero waste store
Photo Credits: Pinterest

No Tox Life

No Tox Life is a women-owned business, this initiative was spearheaded by a mother-daughter team. Their aim is to give back to our planet by creating potent body and home care products. Their complete range of products is vegan, fair-trade and free from animal cruelty. Their bestselling vegan Dish Block® Soaps are worthy of being in your checklist. Also try out their Solid Silk® Shampoo, Casa Agave® Dish Brush & Plantoodle® Soap Safe.

no waste store
Photo Credits: Pinterest

Their core active elements and ingredients are botanically derived and nontoxic. All the oils, extracts, powders, and pastes are safe and powerful. All the packaging materials used for the products are a combination of compostable packing peanuts, upcycled/donated cardboard boxes, and washi tapes. So try out these creative and responsible products by the Duo: Sandie Ferman and Callie Milford.

Minimal Bottle

This store will literally quench your thirst for reusable, eco-friendly, and plastic free bottles and tiffins. Their products are storage containers, water bottles, coffee gear, and bento boxes. The design is as the name suggests; minimal. They don’t pretend to revolutionise your drinking or eating experiences. They are honest with what they sell: high quality glass, steel and siliconware for food and beverages. Their selection is good on the eyes and on the wallet too. Because their products last for such a loooong time and stay good. Not only they sell ethically produced containers and bottles but also ensure that they distribute it in that manner. So remember them before buying your next single use bottles and takeaway boxes.

package free store
Photo Credits: Minimal Bottle Website

Package Free Shop

Founded by Lauren Singer, a sustainability advocate, TEDx Speaker and a person who managed to fit her 5 years worth of waste in a tiny mason jar. Package Free has become a cultural symbol of the low waste movement in the US. They have their flagship store on 25th Bond Street, NYC, New York. It is a one shop stop for all your sustainability and zero-waste needs. Their range of products is massive and ever-widening. You will find affordable alternatives and minimalistic essentials. Each and every product is nontoxic, plastic-free, and biodegradable. This environmentally safe line is also durable. Try out their beauty and body care products; lip balms, and makeup remover. 

zero waste shops
Photo Credits: Package Free Website

Package Free Shop is working on becoming a certified B Corp. They also have pledged to give 15% of their profits to racial justice initiatives in the US. Besides this, they are also working to reduce the carbon footprint of their shipping companies. The collection by Package Free is unlike other organic stores, it is comparatively cheaper, and more effective and the quality of products is higher. So try out these good for the planet alternatives and have a positive impact on the world as an individual consumer.

Full Circle

Another Certified B Corp, Full Circle Home ensures zero wastage when you shop online. They have grouped their products on different utilities; For Good, Zero, Bundle, Renew, Kitchen, and Out of the Blue, along with few more. They focus on different types of products such as For Good is about papers, wraps, garbage bags and foils. The Zero collection is about cleaning supplies such as scour pads, dish clothes and sponge pads. The Renew set is about microfibers which are safe for the planet and can clean up a variety of mess. 

low waste online shops
Photo Credits: Lia Griffith, courtesy Pinterest.

The products can last for a really long time, so investing in them will be an economically and ecologically sound decision. The company has teamed up with the Plastic Bank®  It is a barter for plastic, for each unit of plastic saved by the company, Plastic Bank recycles and recovers equal amounts of plastic which would have otherwise ended in the oceanic bodies around the world. They call it being Plastic Neutral. So try out their thoughtfully crafted and curated sustainable product line and save lots of ocean plastic with your every purchase.

Life Without Plastic

This company is the brainchild of the green couple Chantal & Jay, they founded the company in  2005 when they had their baby boy, Jyoti. They made the company bridge the gap between consumer expectations and eco-conscious producers. The product range is massive at 450 and growing. You can find grocery bags, toothpaste, the cutest bento boxes, and even silk-based floss. 

low waste online shops
Photo Credits: Life Without Plastic Website

Life Without Plastic is a B Corp so every decision about production, logistics, sales and distribution is deeply thought out and well executed. So relax and shop best-in-class products without the plastic. They have a flat-rate shipping policy for Canada, products over $110 are free to ship. Their blog can be a great starting guide for a more sensible and greener living. 

Sun & Swell Foods

Thoroughly American, and thoroughly good. Be proud while shopping for your favourite grains and snacks. All the products are organic and fair-trade. The packaging is plastic free and compostable. 

zero waste store
Photo Credits: gifitenmarket Courtesy Pinterest

Sun & Swell Foods have a wide range of pantry staples, kitchen essentials and rush hour goodies. Either packed in reusable glass jars or reclaimed cardboard packs. So their mantra is no waste and great taste. The products are not only fresh, organic or environmentally safe, they are free from added sugars, flavours, preservatives or any other additives. 

So buy recycled foils, energy balls, superfoods such as goji, cacao, chia and hemp hearts. Their range of organic spices and seasoning, dried fruits, nuts and trial mixes are wholesome and nutrient packed. So savour what you like. Sun & Swell Foods is a Certified B Corp and also the member of 1% For the Planet, So double Cheers! 


A surprisingly large collection of eco-conscious products for your every need. You will find products for gardening, exercise, crafts, and even health & wellness. Buy out the most beautiful planters, candle holders, and beeswax crayons online. This Guelph, Ontario-based only-online, zero-waste store has a global presence; catering to your local needs. 

no waste store
Photo Credits: Kinsfolk Website

This store is co-owned and managed by Tiu and Rahul, the efforts and love that went into curating their products is unmatched. All their product packaging is biodegradable and low waste. Rahul and Tiu have also tied up with Tree Canada and Feed Ontario to support humanitarian and ecological causes. 

They have a wild collection of bath soaps, shampoo and conditioner bars, ranging from $3.5 to $25 in around 40 variants. You can also buy detergent bundles, kid care products and even books based on veganism, garden care, food recipes and minimalism; there is something for everyone.  

The company uses repurposed cardboard boxes, paper envelopes and flat packaging, this has made their shipping to be carbon neutral, plastic-free and minimally wasteful. 

Well Earth Goods

This Oregon based Family run retail shopee will provide you with the best range of eco-friendly, minimalist products. They sell divine smelling deodorants, coconut dish scrubs and even zero waste earbuds. Their zero waste laundry collection is worth checking out. 

low waste online shops
Photo Credits: Well Earth Goods Courtesy Pinterest

Another great feature of this online no waste store is their insta-famous Plastic-Free Giveaway. You can apply for it and have a chance to win their best selling products such as detergent strips, super whitening tooth tablets, dark roast coffee, and nut-milk strainers. 

The Kind Matter Company

Eco-friendly, no-waste & low-waste boutique is their Bio. So expect chic yet green products for your home, baby and you! The Owner’s aim was to create a community space where people can buy, learn and develop eco conscious products. And even meet with creative artists who fuel such economies by making sustainable products. They are sectioned into:

package free store
Photo Credits: The Kind Matter Company, Courtesy Facebook

Green & Frugal

Green & Frugal was founded by the eco-conscious Canadian, Tara Holguin. Her company sells an amazing range of aromatherapy blends, body care products, and DIY kits. The products are as follows: dry shampoos, body butters, and bath salts, along with a wide range of zero waste home essentials. All of these  products are made in small batches with ethically derived ingredients; which are nontoxic and all natural. All the products are deliberately oil or powder based because water-based products can bring bacterial infections as these products don’t have artificial emulsifiers and additives in them.

zero waste shop
Photo Credits: Green & Frugal

Their dish blocks, mint toothpastes and body butters are among the best selling products just because they are so damn good. So visit them in Toronto or order online, you will love their handcrafted and sustainably sourced products and you will definitely go back for more.


Founded by a 30 year-old marketing professional who became the change that she wished to see in the world. Hanna Pumpfrey christened the company as Acala (Achala), Sanskrit for immovability and stability.  All the products are vegan, natural, organic, few are fairtrade and all the shipping and storage are biodegradable. 

low waste online stores
Photo Credits: Gardenista Courtesy Pinterest

Her vision is to make environmentally conscious products the norm; make them as ubiquitous and cost-effective as the high street brands around the world. The company promotes climate inclusivity and justice. This zero-waste store aims to make the zero-waste transition easy with its variety and curation of products. 

The Subscription box of the company is the star of the show. Choose a set of products that you want regularly and those will be shipped to your place every 20th of the month. Their range in ethical beauty and wellness is well-beloved and thoroughly vetted.  

The company has partnered with Offset Earth, a sustainability metric project. They plant trees for every $40 spent on the subscription boxes. To make a carbon positive contribution (offset your carbon impact and match it with additional carbon reduction, usually through reforestation). Check their

Leading a zero waste lifestyle is a tough decision, you have to spend more time, energy and money to support such noble causes. It seems easy to give up sometimes but remember, the more support that we as consumers give to these brands we can bring about a sea change in production patterns around the globe. So march on.

Take your information from only trusted sources such as this one, Be Zen is here to cut through the crap and give your solid, honest and exhaustive recommendations on where to shop zero waste lifestyle products and how to live more consciously. Read our blog for more such in depth reviews, tips and recommendations on plastic-free and sustainable life choices.

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