How Conscious Is H&M Conscious? The Worst of Fast Fashion

h&m conscious

H&M, a fast fashion company, is notorious for its exploitative practices and is featured in almost every list of brands most harmful to the environment. But are they really that bad?

Sometimes, fast fashion brands also try to adopt sustainable practices and trends via their lineup. With their new H&M conscious line, they are focusing on being eco-friendly and ethical, right? Well, spoiler alert. They really aren’t. In fact, they are comfortably practicing the age-old tactic of hoodwinking customers through greenwashing.

So now the question arises. Is H&M conscious sustainable? What exactly is this lineup about? Is it as conscious as it claims to be? Let’s delve into the many secrets and trickeries of big corporates like H&M.

What is H&M conscious collection?

h&m conscious collection
From H&M Ad Campaign

While I was scrolling through H&M’s website, I came across something very intriguing. The H&M conscious collection. I was pleasantly surprised. Is H&M finally giving eco-friendly consumers like me a sustainable alternative? Can I finally wear the latest fast fashion trends while also not harming the environment?

According to H&M’s website, products in their conscious line contain at least 50% of sustainable materials such as recycled polyester or organic cotton. By buying these products, you the consumer, earn conscious points. By the way, you can use these points to earn discounts on other products.

H&M also launches a Conscious Exclusive collection twice a year in which they incorporate new eco-friendly materials and technologies which are then used in their main collection. They introduced three new fabrics in 2020: Hemp Biofibre, made from oilseed hemp crop waste, Naia Renew, a cellulosic fibre and Vegea, vegan leather made from grapes.

Well, that sounds pretty good. Big corporations are finally realizing the errors of their ways and laying down the building blocks towards a more sustainable future. But trust me guys, behind the curtains, the situation is entirely different.

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