8 Best Dairy-Free Protein Powders And Where You Can Get Them | 2024

dairy-free protein powder

Protein shakes are an absolute must when you’re trying to put on muscles or trying to hit your nutrition goal for the day. But let’s face it, many of the brands in the market are chock-full of animal-based ingredients that might not go with your dietary choices or restrictions. 

Well, dairy-free protein powders is the answer you’re looking for.

When you rely on protein shakes to meet your daily protein requirements, the last thing you want is for a lot of unwanted dairy, like whey, to end up in your diet. Whey, a byproduct of producing cheese, is found in many protein powders and is undesirable for those who are vegan, lactose intolerant, or allergic to dairy. Furthermore, some producers add a range of synthetic additives to their products in order to increase shelf life and enhance flavor. 

Best Dairy-Free Protein Powders
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If you’re in the market for a clean, plant-powered protein without the dairy baggage, you’re in luck. Vegan proteins, derived from plant-based sources such as pea, rice, and soy proteins, is a highly-convenient and popular way of getting a protein boost. 

We’ve scoured the market to find the best dairy-free protein brands that deliver on nutrition, taste, and quality, without any of the dairy drama.

Let’s get started. 

8 Best Dairy-Free Protein Shakes 

Instead of categorizing protein shakes based on where they fall in various parameters, we have picked each brand based on the factors that matter the most to consumers. Taste, affordability, calories — there’s something for every category here. Let’s walk you through our suggestions.

1. Nutiva Hemp – Best Overall
dairy-free protien powder

Nutiva’s Hemp Seed Protein Powder packs a punch with 15g of protein and 6g of fiber per serving, supporting digestion, cholesterol, and fullness. Crafted solely from hemp seeds, it puts together all nine essential amino acids, along with omega-3s for heart health and minerals like iron, zinc, and magnesium for immunity, muscles, and blood sugar. Enjoy its earthy flavor and texture in smoothies for a pure, potent dose of nature’s best.

Price: $ 33.46
Certifications: NON-GMO ProjectUSDA OrganicCertified Vegan
Flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla 

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2. Vega Sport Premium Protein Powder – Best for High Protein Content
dairy free protein powder

Vega’s Premium Sport Protein Powder packs 30g of protein per serving, perfect for post-workout muscle repair. Its blend of pea, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, and alfalfa proteins ensures a complete amino acid profile. Enhanced with anti-inflammatory ingredients like tart cherry and turmeric, it aids muscle recovery. NSF certified for sport, it guarantees purity and safety, with each serving providing 17% DV of sodium to replenish electrolytes. Sweetened with stevia, it’s a top choice for serious athletes with minimal aftertaste.

Price: $ 64.99
Certifications: NON-GMO Project, NSF-certified for sport
Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Berry, Mocha, Peanut Butter

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3. Ritual Essential Protein Daily Shake: Best for Taste
dairy-free protein powder

Ritual Essential Protein Daily Shake stands out for its ability to support weight loss and maintain lean body mass, making it an excellent choice for adults looking to optimize body composition. This vegan-friendly protein source is crafted from organic pea protein grown in the U.S., known for its ability to enhance satiety. Every serving delivers a lean 115 calories, devoid of sugars, and contains 3g of fiber to help keep you feeling satisfied.

Price: $ 40
Certifications: NON-GMO ProjectInformed Protein CertifiedInformed-Sport CertifiedCarbon-Free Carbon fund certified
Flavors: Vanilla

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4. Now Sports Soy Protein Isolate – Best for Balanced Nutrition & Budget
dairy-free protien powder

Now Sports Soy Protein Isolate offers a simple, single-ingredient formula for vegan protein seekers. With 20g of protein per serving and minimal sodium (just 7% DV), it’s also rich in calcium and iron (15% DV each). Certified by Informed Sport for quality assurance, though its natural soy flavor might not suit everyone, the heart health benefits make it worthwhile. While it lacks fiber, blending it with fruits or seeds in a smoothie can enhance its nutritional profile.

Price: $ 25.99
Certifications: NON-GMO ProjectSQF Certified,  Informed-Sport Certified
Flavors: Unflavored, chocolate, and vanilla

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5. Momentous Essential Plant-Based Protein – Best for Digestion
dairy-free protein powder

Momentous Essential Plant-Based Protein is a top-tier option for those prioritizing quality and performance in their plant-based protein supplements. This protein powder delivers a potent blend of essential nutrients to support muscle growth and recovery. With a carefully selected mix of plant-based ingredients, including pea protein, brown rice protein, and pumpkin seed protein, each serving provides a robust 20 grams of high-quality protein and 3 grams of fibers. Free from artificial additives and fillers, Momentous ensures purity and effectiveness in every scoop.

Price: $ 49.95
Certifications: Informed-Sport Certified,  NSF-certified for sport
Flavors: Chocolate, and vanilla chai

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6. NorCal Organic Premium Pea Protein – Best for Clean Eating
dairy-free protein powder

Form Nutrition, a UK-based company, champions sustainability with its 100% vegan protein blend. Comprising organic pea protein isolate, brown rice, and pumpkin seed protein, each serving delivers an impressive 30 grams of protein. Their commitment extends to their packaging, utilizing biodegradable pouches made from plant-based bio-film, completely eliminating plastic. Available in flavors like chocolate peanut, vanilla, and tiramisu, Form Nutrition makes it easy to measure with tablespoons, aligning with their goal of zero plastic waste.

Price: $ 39
Certifications:  B CorpInformed-Sport Certified
Flavors: Chocolate Hazelnut, Vanilla, Chocolate Peanut, Tiramisu

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7. NorCal Organic Premium Pea Protein: Best for Clean Eating
dairy-free protien powder

NorCal Organic stands out with its single-ingredient pea protein powder, sourced sustainably from Canadian farms. With a milder flavor, it’s perfect for various recipes. Each serving packs 22g of protein with only 4% DV of sodium, great for those watching their salt intake. Athletes may want to add electrolytes post-workout. Free from dairy, gluten, and soy, it’s ideal for those with allergies.

Price: $ 39.99
Certifications: USDA organicGMP CertifiedNON-GMO Project
Flavors: No added flavors

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8. KOS Organic Superfood Protein – Best for Texture
dairy free protien shake

This plant-based protein powder includes a diverse blend of flaxseed, quinoa, pumpkin seed, chia seed, and organic pea protein, providing a complete protein profile with 20 grams per serving and 160 calories. The taste might challenge some, with a distinct stevia-sour front and a vegetal finish, perhaps due to its rich mix of produce like shiitake mushrooms and tomatoes. Although it tends to settle with a sludgy residue when mixed with just water or milk, the nutritional benefits of this Instagram favorite are impressive.

Price: $ 44.79
Certifications: USDA organic
Flavors: Unflavored, Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Salted caramel coffee

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How Do You Pick The Best Dairy-Free Protein Shake Brand?

When you’re elbow-deep in the world of protein powders, you want to know what you’re actually scooping into your smoothie. A smart pick goes beyond just being dairy-free; it’s about what else the brand brings to the table—or shaker bottle. We’re talking protein source, nutritional profile, ingredient quality, and the kind of stuff that’s left out, which can be just as important.

Based on expert recommendations, here’s is a checklist for what makes the cut:

Protein Source: We’re after plant-based proteins that are kind to your body and the planet—think pea, hemp, rice, or chia proteins.

Sweeteners: Natural sweeteners hit the sweet spot. We wave goodbye to artificial sweeteners and say hello to stevia, monk fruit, or even better, none at all.

Artificial Additives: Less is more here. If we can’t pronounce it, we probably don’t want it.

Nutritional Content: High protein is a must, but we also love a good dose of fiber, vitamins, and minerals without a heap of sugar or carbs.

Allergens: It’s a clear road with no gluten, soy, or nuts in sight, ensuring more people can enjoy it without worry.

Taste and Mixability: It’s got to blend seamlessly into your lifestyle, and your beverages, without any chalky aftermath.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Bonus points if the tub or packet respects Mother Earth with recyclable or compostable materials.

Keep this checklist handy as we dive into the cream of the crop (minus the actual cream, of course) of dairy-free protein shakes.

Join the Dairy-Free Protein Revolution

Choosing the right dairy-free protein shake isn’t just about dodging dairy—it’s about fueling your body with the best. With our comprehensive guide, you’re not just making an educated choice; you’re making a lifestyle change.

The brands we’ve featured not only meet our stringent criteria for health and nutrition but also align with ethical and environmental standards, ensuring that your wellness journey supports both personal health and planetary well-being.

Ready to take your health into your own hands? Don’t let dairy derail your diet. Explore our top picks for a vegan lifestyle, and discover how delicious and satisfying plant-based protein can be.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dairy-free protein powder?

Dairy-free protein powder is a supplement designed to provide a source of protein for individuals who are lactose intolerant, allergic to dairy, or choose to follow a vegan or dairy-free diet. It typically uses plant-based proteins such as pea, rice, hemp, or soy instead of whey or casein derived from milk.

 Is dairy-free protein powder?

Dairy-free protein powder is suitable for individuals with lactose intolerance or dairy allergies. It has all the essential amino acids that are necessary for muscle repair and growth. It can also aid in weight management by promoting satiety and supporting muscle mass.

Is dairy-free protein powder just as good as whey protein for muscle building?

Yes, dairy-free protein powder can be just as effective as whey protein for muscle building. Plant-based proteins contain all the essential amino acids necessary for muscle repair and growth. However, some plant-based proteins may have slightly different amino acid profiles compared to whey protein. It’s essential to choose a high-quality dairy-free protein powder and consume it as part of a well-balanced diet to support your fitness goals.

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