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All you have to do is install the Ecowiser extension on your chrome browser and you’re good to go! So every time you shop online, Ecowiser will remind you to shop sustainably by recommending trustworthy, eco-friendly alternatives.

Ans: Ecowiser was founded by Ram Chaitanya. After graduating from INSEAD and working with Google & Danaher in the USA, he knew he wanted to create something more impactful. The impending climate crisis being something he cared about deeply, he visited agricultural farms across India to understand the problem at a grassroots level. What he realized was that solutions were plenty, but were not being amplified enough. This gave him an idea – he brought together a group of dedicated individuals who wish to help alleviate the climatic and environmental crises to create a platform that encourages sustainable, ethical businesses and creates value for everyone in their supply chain, and thereby, the planet. & so, Ecowiser was born!

We look for brands that satisfy the three pillars of sustainability – environment, society and economy. 

Let us now tell you what each pillar means to us. 

When we talk about ‘environment’, we look for brands that have adopted an overall eco-friendly approach with regards to sourcing, processing, production, manufacturing and other overall operations. We focus primarily on locally manufactured products that are non-toxic, organic, cruelty-free and plastic-free. We are also inclined towards brands that manufacture in low-carbon, circular loop factories, that are owned by marginalized communities, and those that have social initiatives that give back to the communities they work in or to the planet.

When we talk about ‘society’, we look for brands that give utmost priority to the welfare and well-being of their workers by offering fair working hours, a healthy and safe work environment, timely and reasonable compensation. 

When it comes to ‘economy’, we look for brands that create value for the stakeholders in their supply chain. 

So if a brand satisfies all the three pillars, it gets featured on the Ecowiser extension!

Our goal at Ecowiser is to highlight brands and products that solve the environmental and health problems that conventional products create. To that end, we have in place our own sustainability rating system. 

To make sure that these brands are really as good as they say they are, we use an evidence-based approach by focusing on different areas: 

  1. Certifications – Though there are numerous different certifications available across the world, we’ve vetted them to include only ones that are reliable & relevant. Only certifying bodies that are non-profit, independently funded, with strict certification criteria that conduct periodic reviews make the cut.
  2. Third Party Reports – We also assess Third Party Reports generated by various authorities in the field while making our decision.
  3. Public Information – We also take into account the public information available by companies on their own websites.
  4. Reviews and Recommendations – Another factor we consider is reviews & recommendations from trustworthy eco-blogs and sustainability experts. 

All products featured on the extension meet one or more of the 7 values that we believe define sustainability. They are: Waste Reduction, Low Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Toxin-Free, Animal Welfare, Fair Labor Practices, Social Initiatives and Accessibility. 

In some categories, pickings are slim for green alternatives. This might mean that some of the eco-friendly products listed aren’t 100% sustainable but are getting there, or are made by companies who don’t have an overall commitment to environmental stewardship or sustainability. 

Ecowiser is free to use! We do not charge our users or sell user data. Instead, we take a small commission from our recommended brands when our users go to their site through our links and make a purchase. At Ecowiser, transparency is assured.

Help us spread the word! The more people we can get using the Ecowiser chrome extension, the greater impact we can create together! 

Every time you water your plant, you help it grow! Similarly, every time someone makes a purchase using the Ecowiser chrome extension, they directly help an eco-friendly business sustain themselves & grow! We are all in this together, and by rooting for these wonderful  businesses, each of us may have a far greater impact than you might imagine.

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