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10 Eco-Friendly Gifts That Add Value for Everyone This Festive Season

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The idea of gifting someone has a special place in our lives, and the same is inherited richly in our traditional custom.

However, gifts that are supposed to excite us are ruining our environment by ending up in dustbins or landfills. The packaging material is often made up of synthetic plastic, which takes hundreds of years to degrade completely. The gift might be a treat for someone specific, but definitely not for the sustainability of our environment. 

What are Eco Friendly gifts?

The culture of gifting has been in our society for so many years and is one of the most visible ways of expressing our emotions to anyone. These days, the practice of gifting is not just limited to festivities alone but is a bigger part of our corporates, business, and party culture too.

Eco-friendly gifts, also known as sustainable gifts, help in minimizing resources and adding natural & reusable materials. These gifts help us put a stop to the exploitation of non-degradable components and reduce waste generation by encouraging an Eco-loving lifestyle. 

Such practice will not only bring a smile to your loved one’s face but will benefit everyone prolonged.

Why eco friendly gifts?

Have you ever thought about what happens to those beautiful and fancy gifts, wrapping papers, decorations, etc? They end up becoming a waste material and a damaging element for our environment.

Sometimes, even without knowing, we receive gift items that have synthetic and toxic substances like plastic in them. And those things not only become useless after some time but will harm the environment too. So, it’s high time we stop giving or accepting presents which contain plastic wrappers and decorative materials made up of harmful materials. Also, we should either neglect to have or adopt reusable techniques for single-use gift items.

We understand that the practice of gifts will never go out of trend, but making some eco friendly changes can bring a big difference. Having such eco friendly values in your gift, who knows that it becomes more special and leaves a pleasant note over your loved ones.

This festive season, let’s take a pledge in doing something different for your loved ones and nature by getting eco-friendly gifts for Christmas or any coming festivities. 

Remember that Eco-friendly gifts don’t have a season, they have a cause!

Some eco friendly gift ideas

If you are looking for a gift, it’s recommended that you lookout for things that are eco-friendly or have the potential to be reused again.. There’s a variety of beautiful and thoughtful products that have similar properties –


People usually either have an actual tree or an artificial plastic tree on Christmas. It’s easy to believe that artificial trees are eco-friendly since they are an alternative to an actual tree. However, fake trees made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) can take hundreds of years to break down. More importantly, the carbon footprint of such trees is double that of an actual tree in a landfill.

But with the passing of time and sustainable developments, many have come up with more sustainable options like using second-hand trees or even better by renting a tree!

Eco friendly gifts


There is nothing more sentimental than a gift prepared by oneself. You can create a self-made eco friendly gift like chocolates, nuts, notes in a jar, Holiday Mason Jar, a frame, an artwork, hand-knit stuff, by reusing materials left abandoned in your homes like glues, paints, or woods. 

Eco friendly gift

Eco friendly gift


Thrift to turn the attitude of buying something new every time you wish to gift someone. Eco friendly doesn’t always mean clothing. You can support and browse through local shops, thrift stores for clothes, furniture, jewelry, etc, too. 

You can also support local artists in your area who use sustainable elements to make an appealing gift. . You can look for such artists and art online like on Facebook, eBay, etc 

You can look up websites and online too for such stores like 

Eco friendly gift


Who doesn’t love plants? They are not just eco friendly but lit up every room we set them up in. They are a good way to clean the air, make you feel relaxed, and be used as a decoration.

You can easily buy them from a nearby florist and support them for upcoming sustainable endeavors. 

Eco friendly gift


Second-hand doesn’t mean something which is bad or worn out. Whether it’s a clothing item, furniture, utensils, or an item of jewelry, classic books, and antiques, there’s a good chance you can find it in a really satisfactory condition. 

The best places to find used gifts are second-hand stores, garage sales, pawnshops, vintage stores, and even on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook’s buy and sell groups and pages. 

Eco friendly gift


Reusable items are the best gifts for people who are inclined towards the practice of eliminating the run for single-use plastic and harmful material. You can get reusable gifts like: –

Eco friendly gift


With all these chemicals and plastic in every single thing that we have, what could be a better gift than something which is eco friendly and organic. Gifts like an herb, garden kit, makeup, food, fresh vegetables, fruits seeds, or plants are great sustainable options.

Eco friendly gift


The toy industry has been generating incremental plastic and other harmful waste for so many years. But as the younger generation is becoming more aware, it has forced many manufacturers to shift their practice towards a more eco friendly approach. 

To avoid this mistake completely on your part you can shop eco friendly, sustainable, or organic toys from websites like: – 

Eco friendly gift

Eco friendly gift


Nothing beats warm homemade goods for a holiday season. You can whip up easy homemade eco friendly gifts, right in your own kitchen! And we all know everything gets better when it has some personal touch to it. Eco friendly and homemade? sounds like the best duo, right!


Eco friendly doesn’t always mean something new and shiny! There are some things which we don’t even use or open, chairs, and lamps. Gift it to someone you think can actually use it. Just be sure that your recipient will like the gift and actually use it.

We understand that there’s somewhat of a stigma around the idea of giving eco friendly or sustainable gifts. This is so as these practices are being recognized recently or they will eventually take some time to become a conscious choice. But what matters is to give them a chance and make each festival a caring festival for your loved ones and the environment.

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Dr. Divya Goil

Dr. Divya Goil

Dr. Divya Goil is a Sustainability Research Lead at a startup that empowers individuals to make sustainable choices. She is a medical doctor with a passion for environmental conservation and has dedicated her career to finding solutions for a more sustainable future.
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