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Shine like a Solitaire with These 8 Best Sustainable Jewelry Brands

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Throughout ancient times, jewelry has represented rank, love, and beauty in human civilization. Although, many individuals are ignorant of the jewelry industry’s dark side. Traditional jewelry making frequently involves conflict minerals, worker exploitation, and environmental destruction. 

Fortunately, sustainable jewelry provides a fix for these issues. Sustainable jewelry is made with eco-friendly and socially conscious techniques, making it a moral and conscientious option for buyers.

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Sustainable jewelry is favoured for its <a href=httpswiserecosustainable swimwear target= blank rel=noopener title=ethical>ethical<a> commitment

Sustainable jewelry offers the ideal fusion of aesthetics and ethics because it not only benefits the environment and employees but also stands out as being distinctive and fashionable.

We will examine the world of eco-friendly jewelry in this blog article, discussing its advantages, the materials employed, and the brands that are leading the way.

Come along as we explore the beauty of eco-friendly jewelry!

What makes jewelry sustainable ?

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Sustainable and minimal jewelry looks impressive without comprising environmental ethics

In recent years, sustainability has grown in importance within the jewelry sector. The sustainability of the jewelry industry is measured by its capacity to satisfy current demands without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to satisfy their own. 

The jewelry business has a notoriously bad reputation when it comes to its effects on local communities and the environment. Yet, in response to these problems, sustainable jewelry methods have evolved.

The utilization of recycled materials is one of the essential components of sustainable jewelry. Precious metal and gemstone extraction has substantial negative effects on the environment and society.

The demand for newly mined stones is also decreased by using recovered diamonds and other precious stones. This method lessens the exploitation of locals around mining sites while also preserving the environment.

The ethical sourcing of materials is another facet of sustainable jewelry. This entails making sure that the resources used to make jewelry are acquired in an ethical and socially responsible manner. 

In order to ensure that workers are paid fairly and are treated humanely at work, ethical sourcing places a strong emphasis on fair trade principles. Also, this strategy guarantees that the minerals are obtained without endangering the environment or local residents.

Sustainable jewelry also uses ethical manufacturing and production techniques. Using environmentally friendly production techniques and materials can help cut down on waste and pollution. 

The creation of jewelry uses renewable energy, which lowers the sector’s carbon footprint. Also, environmentally friendly jewelry producers place a high priority on using non-toxic chemicals to safeguard both the environment and the health of the manufacturing workforce.

Finally, ethical marketing and sales strategies are also a part of sustainable jewelry. This includes supply chain transparency, which makes sure that the consumer is aware of the origins of the components and the methods of production.

What is Sustainable Jewelry Made Of?

Sustainable jewelry materials are ones that are obtained and produced in a way that supports ethical labor standards and has a minimal negative impact on the environment. Jewelry companies may lessen their environmental impact, stop pollution, and advance social and economic development in their supply chains by adopting sustainable materials.

Recycled metal is a popular sustainable resource used in jewelry creation. Old jewelry, industrial refuse, and technological waste may all be mined for metals like silver, gold, and platinum, which reduces the need for freshly mined materials and the related pollution.

Using recycled metals can cut down on the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions involved in the manufacturing of new metals since they can be purified back to their original purity and quality.

Sustainable jewelry also incorporates responsibly sourced components. A fair salary, safe working conditions, and no child labour are all guarantees of ethical and fair-trade diamonds and gemstones. They also guarantee that miners earn a fair wage.

Also, these minerals can enhance the social and economic growth of mining towns and support local economies. Natural and organic materials like wood, leather, and plant-based fibers are some examples of additional sustainable jewelry components.

Compared to synthetic equivalents, these materials are biodegradable, renewable, and less polluting. For instance, jewelry may be made from bamboo, a material that is very renewable. It expands rapidly, uses little water, and doesn’t need fertilizers or pesticides.

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Innovative materials like recycled plastic, glass, and even ocean garbage are also used by sustainable jewelry makers. Recycled plastic may be made into beautiful and long-lasting jewelry, decreasing environmental plastic waste.

Several companies employ recycled glass to make one-of-a-kind, gorgeous, and ecologically responsible items. Fishing nets and plastic bottles that would otherwise wind up in landfills and other ocean waste items can be recycled into jewelry. This helps to reduce marine pollution.

Environmental and social responsibility are given first priority while creating sustainable jewelry materials, which are intended to reduce harm and encourage beneficial consequences. By using recycled or responsibly sourced materials, natural and organic materials, and innovative materials like recycled plastic and ocean waste, sustainable jewelry brands can promote a more sustainable and equitable jewelry industry.

Why Make the Switch from Traditional to Sustainable Jewelry?

There are several compelling reasons why consumers should switch to sustainable jewelry. Sustainable jewelry has a lower impact on the environment than traditional jewelry production.

  • To cut down on waste and pollution, sustainable jewelry companies employ recycled or ethically sourced materials. Low-waste production methods and renewable energy sources further reduce carbon footprint.
  • Sustainable jewellery avoids damaging practises like forced labour and child labour by promoting fair labour practises and transparency in supply chains.
  • Supporting sustainable jewelry brands can help to support local economies and promote positive social and economic outcomes
  • Sustainable jewelry is often designed to be high-quality and long-lasting, offering a sustainable alternative to cheap, disposable pieces
  • Choosing sustainable jewelry can be a way to express personal style and values, with many unique and distinctive pieces available
  • By encouraging the larger jewelry business to embrace more environmentally friendly methods, consumers can influence change and aid the earth and all of its inhabitants.

Sustainable Jewelry Shopping Tips for the Eco Enthusiast

A great approach to lessen your influence on the environment, promote ethical labor practices, and purchase high-quality, long-lasting jewelry is to shop for sustainable jewelry. Yet sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin.

Here are some tips and pointers on how to shop for sustainable jewelry:

Research brands and materials

Spend some time investigating the brands of eco-friendly jewelry and the materials they employ. Choose companies with transparent supply chains, a focus on recycled or sustainably sourced materials. Avoid purchasing products from companies that employ commodities linked to terrible labor practices or environmental harm, such as diamonds mined in conflict areas or gold extracted using hazardous chemicals.

Check for certifications

Seek for certifications like Fairtrade or B Corp that demonstrate a company’s dedication to sustainability and moral business practices. These accreditations can provide confidence that a brand is upholding strict criteria and having a beneficial effect.

Consider the design

While ethics and sustainability are crucial considerations, the jewelry’s design should also be taken into mind. Instead of buying fashionable or throwaway items, look for things that are timeless and flexible. More value and fewer replacements are possible with items that may be worn in various contexts and with various ensembles.

Check for durability

Sustainable jewelry should be designed to last, so it’s important to check for durability. Look for brands that use high-quality materials and offer warranties or repair services. Jewelry that can be repaired or repurposed can offer even greater sustainability benefits.

Shop local

Think about purchasing sustainable jewelry from regional designers or artists. Helping small companies can aid in fostering favorable social and economic results and minimizing the environmental damage caused by shipping and transportation.

Prioritize secondhand

Prioritizing antique or used items while shopping for jewelry is one of the most environmentally friendly strategies. In addition to providing a distinctive and frequently more cost-effective alternative to new jewelry, this lowers the need for new materials. To locate one-of-a-kind items with history and character, search for vintage or antique shops, internet marketplaces, or consignment stores.

Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of brands or retailers about their sustainability and ethical practices. Look for brands that are transparent and willing to share information about their supply chains and production processes. Asking questions can help you make more informed and responsible purchasing decisions.

By taking these factors into account, you can make more informed and responsible purchasing decisions and support a more sustainable and equitable jewelry industry.

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Top 8 US-Based Sustainable Jewelry Brands To Shop From

Here are ten US-based jewelry brands that prioritize sustainability and offer eco-friendly alternatives to traditional jewelry.

Wolf Circus Jewelry

Sustainable jewelry company Wolf Circus Jewelry makes simple, modern designs with green production practices and materials. The firm greatly lessens the environmental effect of mining new metals by using recycled metals including brass, sterling silver, and gold vermeil. Moreover, they employ pearls and jewels that have been carefully chosen to assure ethical sourcing. For those wanting to buy jewelry with a conscience, their utilization of recycled metals, ethically sourced gemstones, and eco-friendly production techniques make them a fantastic option.

Shop Wolf Circus Jewelry

Pamela Love

To make their production process as sustainable as possible, they collaborate with nearby manufacturers in New York City, and they recycle all the waste metal they produce. To reduce waste, they also employ soy-based inks and recycled paper in their packaging. The company only employs gemstones that have been responsibly obtained, and they only do business with suppliers that share their commitment to ethical sourcing. Moreover, they place a high priority on ethical labor policies across their supply chain, and they collaborate with groups like Nest and Ethical Metalsmiths to advance ethical business practices in the jewelry sector. Pamela Love’s commitment to eco-friendly materials, sustainable production methods, and ethical sourcing practices makes them a leader in the sustainable jewelry movement.

Shop Pamela Love


By utilizing recycled metals like 14k gold, gold vermeil, and sterling silver, Kinn greatly lessens the negative environmental effects of mining new metals. Also, they use eco-friendly components into their creations including recycled glass and lab-grown diamonds. They collaborate with small-scale American manufacturers and craftsmen to produce their jewelry in an ethical manner with a low carbon footprint. Kinn is committed to transparency and ethical practices, and they provide detailed information about the sourcing and production of their materials on their website.

Shop Kinn

Brilliant Earth

The diamonds that Brilliant Earth sells come from mines that strictly uphold environmental and labor regulations, and they have been independently proven to be conflict-free. The company also incorporates recycled precious metals into their designs, which lessens the need for fresh mining and the impact mining has on the environment. The brand uses only ethically sourced diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals in their designs, and they have a rigorous sourcing process to ensure that their materials are responsibly and sustainably sourced. To promote moral and responsible business practices in the jewelry industry, they also collaborate with groups like the Diamond Development Initiative and the Responsible Jewelry Council.

Shop Brilliant Earth


Only lab-grown diamonds, which are far less harmful to the environment than conventionally mined diamonds, are used by Vrai. Because they do not support the immoral methods that are frequently connected to diamond mining, lab-grown diamonds are also conflict-free. Moreover, it employs recovered precious metals like 18k gold and platinum to lessen the demand for fresh mining and the negative effects of mining on the environment It’s worth noting that Vrai has gained popularity not only for its commitment to sustainability, but also for its high-quality and elegant designs. Hollywood celebrities such as Emma Watson, Natalie Portman, and Emma Roberts have been seen wearing Vrai’s sustainable and ethical jewelry.



Mejuri provides new designs every week in contrast to conventional jewelry companies, who only release new collections periodically. With this strategy, the business can respond more quickly to trends and customer demand while also cutting down on waste and overproduction. Mejuri uses only ethically sourced materials like recycled gold and sterling silver, and they work directly with suppliers to ensure that their materials are responsibly sourced. The brand is also committed to using conflict-free diamonds and gemstones, and they have strict ethical standards for their suppliers and manufacturers.

Shop Mejuri

31 Bits

A sustainable jewelry company called 31 Bits stresses empowerment of women through their business strategy in addition to sustainability. The company was established in 2008 with the intention of giving Ugandan women more access to the economy. Now, 31 Bits works with craftspeople from around the globe to make gorgeous, ecological jewelry that also gives women more power. The brand’s business strategy is to empower women with economic options, and they have a project dubbed the “Educate. Empower. Eliminate Poverty.” initiative that gives Ugandan women entrepreneurial training and education. Through their business model and commitment to sustainability and women’s empowerment, 31 Bits has become a leader in the sustainable jewelry movement. 

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Shop 31 Bits


With the use of technology, the brand was established in 2012 with the intention of bringing underserved artisan communities and the worldwide market together. Now, Soko collaborates with Kenyan craftsmen to produce distinctive, sustainable jewelry that strengthens local economies. Soko’s philosophy on sustainability is based on their dedication to moral and ethical production methods. The company works directly with artisan partners to guarantee that its materials are ethically manufactured and properly obtained. The firm creates its jewelry using eco-friendly materials including recycled brass and repurposed cow bone.


DIY Sustainable Jewelry

Making your own eco-friendly jewelry is a wonderful way to show off your creativity and advance sustainability at the same time. Making your own jewelry allows you to control the type of materials you use and the amount of trash you produce.

You may create a wide range of sustainable jewelry designs, from cloth bracelets and necklaces to repurposed metal and wood pieces. DIY sustainable jewelry allows you to experiment with various materials, hues, and textures to produce really one-of-a-kind pieces, which is one of its finest features. Even used jewelry or other materials may be used to make brand-new, one-of-a-kind items.

You can choose materials that are responsibly sourced, upcycled, or repurposed, and you can use techniques that minimize waste and reduce your environmental footprint. Moreover, making your own sustainable jewelry is an excellent way to express your creativity and showcase your personal style. 

It is a fun and engaging activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Overall, DIY sustainable jewelry is an important way to promote sustainability while also expressing your creativity and individuality.

Best Practices to Make Your Sustainable Jewelry Last Longer

Keeping your jewelry clean and sparkling is essential to maintaining its beauty and luster. Here are some best practices to keep your jewelry shiny and sparkling:

  1. Clean your jewelry regularly: Regular cleaning is essential to keep your jewelry shiny and sparkling. Depending on the type of jewelry, you can clean it with warm water, mild soap, and a soft-bristled brush. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that can damage your jewelry.
  1. Store your jewelry properly: Proper storage is crucial to keep your jewelry shiny and prevent it from getting scratched or damaged. Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and humidity. You can use a jewelry box or pouch to protect your jewelry from dust and scratches.
  1. Remove your jewelry before swimming or showering: Chlorine and saltwater can damage your jewelry and cause it to tarnish or discolor. Make sure to remove your jewelry before swimming or showering to prevent damage.
  1. Avoid contact with chemicals: Chemicals such as perfumes, lotions, and hairsprays can damage your jewelry and cause it to lose its shine. Make sure to apply these products before putting on your jewelry and avoid contact with your jewelry.

By following these best practices, you can keep your jewelry shiny and sparkling for years to come. It is important to take care of your jewelry to maintain its beauty and value.

The Eco Wiser Take on Sustainable Jewelry

Sustainable jewelry is becoming increasingly popular as people become more aware of the impact of their choices on the environment and the community.

Choosing sustainable jewelry means supporting brands that prioritize ethical and environmentally responsible practices, using materials that are responsibly sourced and processed, and ensuring fair wages and working conditions for the artisans who create these beautiful pieces. 

There are numerous methods to acquire sustainable jewelry, including going to stores that only sell it or selecting vintage or repurposed items.

Overall, by supporting sustainable jewelry and taking care of the pieces we already have, we can make a positive impact on the environment and the community while still enjoying the beauty and elegance of these stunning pieces of art.

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