Is Pyunkang Yul Cruelty-Free? Truth About This 40 Year Old Brand

is pyunkang yul cruelty-free

Is Pyunkang Yul cruelty-free? That’s a question every eco-conscious person and a fan of Korean skincare is asking: The answer is—it’s unclear! (More on that later).

40 years in the industry, their effective ingredient choices and formulations bottled in effortless, chic packaging focus on treating the cause rather than just symptoms. At first glance, their products look clean and mess-free, and present an image of a sustainable, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly brand.  But what is the truth? Ecowiser went to the bottom of it.

Korean skincare and cosmetics brands have grabbed a lot of attention lately. Be it their traditional 7-step skincare routine, or the new rage for crystal clear glass skin, when people think about skin care, Korean beauty is the first thing that comes to our minds. But beyond the obvious perks, are these Korean brands really worth buying?

In this article, we move our focus to Pyunkang Yul. So, if you’re wondering “Is Pyunkang Yul cruelty-free?,” Here’s all you need to know about it.

What Makes a Beauty Brand Cruelty-Free?

Is Pyunkang Yul Cruelty-Free
Source: Pyunkang Yul

A beauty brand is considered cruelty-free when it does not test its products or ingredients on animals at any stage of the production process, including during development, manufacturing, or distribution.

In simple words, when we say “cruelty-free beauty brand”, we mean brands that are kind to animals, and don’t test their products or their ingredients on animals at any stage. They also don’t allow third party testing on animals for them.

Also, to show they’re really serious about this, many brands get certified by animal welfare organizations and groups like Leaping Bunny or PETA. The cruelty-free certificates offer consumers assurance of their cruelty-free status.

So, when you see a cruelty-free logo on a brand, you know you’re buying from a brand that cares about all kinds of small and big animals, not just your furry friends or humans.

Alright, those were the basics of what being a cruelty-free brand means. Now, let’s get the answer to Pyunkang Yul cruelty-free?

The 50 Year History of Pyunkang Yul

History of Pyunkang Yul
Source: Pyunkang Yul

Pyunkang Yul is a Korean skincare brand known for its minimalist approach to skincare formulations. The brand’s philosophy is rooted in the traditional Korean medicine principle of “Pyunkang Eastern Medicine,” which emphasizes the balance of internal energies for overall health and well-being.

Pyunkang Yul’s way of skincare is inspired by traditional Korean medicine, which is all about keeping your skin balanced and healthy. They use natural ingredients and old wisdom to make products that make your skin happy.

Pyunkang Yul has been awarded with the prestigious HWAHAE award five times in the past for being the most loved brand in South Korea. 

Their philosophy is about using only what’s necessary and leaving out the rest. This means no extra stuff that doesn’t do anything for your skin. Instead, they focus on using gentle ingredients that really work.

Pyunkang Yul’s Ingredients and Formulations

Pyunkang Yul's Ingredients and Formulations
Source: Pyunkang Yul

Pyunkang Yul’s approach to skincare is rooted in a dedication to simplicity and effectiveness. Rather than relying on unnecessary chemical additives aimed at enhancing color or fragrance, Pyunkang Yul focuses on harnessing the power of minimal yet potent ingredients to promote skin relaxation and health.

By omitting unnecessary chemicals, Pyunkang Yul ensures that its products are gentle yet effective, suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. This minimalist approach not only minimizes the risk of irritation or adverse reactions but also allows the active ingredients to work synergistically to promote optimal skin balance and resilience.

The brand claims that their products are vegan and reef-friendly. But that’s not true for all of their products, as they do use honey and beeswax (animal-derived ingredients) in their formulations. 

One of the key indications of Pyunkang Yul having cruelty-free status would have been the presence of cruelty-free certificates. Do you think a brand as big as Pyunkang Yul has those certifications? Let’s discover.

Is Peukong Yul Cruelty-Free Certified? 

As of 2024, Pyunkang Yul does not have any kind of certifications from internationally acclaimed organisations like PETA or Leaping Bunny.

Without certification from recognized cruelty-free organizations, consumers are left uncertain about Pyunkang Yul cruelty-free standards. So, if you’re looking for products from a brand with a guaranteed cruelty-free status, Pyunkang Yul might not be your best bet.

Another point to consider while determining if Peukong Yul is cruelty-free is its approach towards countries that mandate animal testing of their products. 

Does Pyunkang Yul Sell in China? 
Source: Pyunkang Yul

Firstly, why does this question matter? Because China has rigorous cruelty-free standards — you can check them out here. Peukang Yul has been planning to sell its products in Mainland China. But this isn’t verified as of now. Do they follow the traditional route of opening physical stores, or are they planning to sell products that don’t require animal testing in China, it’s all up in the air.

But that’s not the end of the story. Korean brands have found a loophole in China’s law for mandatory animal testing policies. Regions like Hong Kong and Macau don’t support animal testing, and that’s why you can find cruelty-free brands like Cosrx, Innisfree, and the Body Shop shipping their products there. 

Nonetheless, Peukang Yul hasn’t disclosed any information about its cruelty-free policies anywhere on its website, which is indeed disappointing. The official websites of both locations — Global and US — have not made it clear if they are cruelty-free or about their policies towards animal testing. 

Ecowiser’s Verdict

Is Pyunkang Yul Cruelty-Free? Ecowiser's Verdict

Is Pyunkang Yul cruelty-free? We can’t say. Experts at Ecowiser have concluded that Peukang Yul cruelty-free status as a brand to be unclear.

Ecowiser tests the brands and products on several parameters to understand their impact on sustainability, including resources used & circularity, health & environmental toxin-freeness, fair trade practices, animal welfare, & greenhouse gas emissions. Check out our complete process for How we rate.

Now, back to Pyunkang Yul cruelty free status. Here’s what we know: The brand hasn’t earned certifications from groups like PETA or Leaping Bunny, and they haven’t shared details about how they test their products or where they get their ingredients. This lack of transparency makes it hard for consumers to know if their products are cruelty-free. 

Also, Pyunkang Yul hasn’t disclosed anything about its efforts to be eco-friendly or create sustainable products and manufacturing processes.

Until Peukang Yul makes a clear declaration about its cruelty-free status, explore Ecowiser’s recommendations for eco-conscious and cruelty-free beauty options.

What Are Pyunkang Yul‘s Customers Saying?

What Are Pyunkang Yul's Customers Saying?
Source: Pyunkang Yul

Beauty and skincare enthusiasts are discussing Pyunkang Yul’s cruelty-free status across social media platforms. Some are concerned because they think the brand might be selling products in China, where animal testing is required. This worries them because they want to use products that are kind to animals. 

However, others believe that Pyunkang Yul decided against selling directly in mainland China, which would mean they’re still cruelty-free. They also mention a new rule in China that could reduce the need for animal testing on certain cosmetics. 

Despite conflicting information, consumers are eager to find out if Pyunkang Yul remains cruelty-free, as this is important to them when choosing skin care products that are kind to animals and the environment.

How to Check if a Brand is Cruelty-Free? 

Ecowiser meticulously examines the practices and policies of various brands to ensure that no animals suffer for the sake of beauty or product testing. We understand that conscientious consumers prioritize compassion and sustainability in their purchasing decisions, and have questions like is Pyunkang Yul cruelty-free?

If you have any doubts about other brands, here’s a checklist that can act as your roadmap:

Ecowiser cruelty free checklist

Now that you have a good understanding of what it means for a brand to be cruelty-free and why it matters to consumers, it’s time pose the question to yourself: Is Pyunkang Yul cruelty-free?

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Is Pyunkang Yul Cruelty-Free? It’s Unclear!

Pyunkang Yul’s cruelty-free practices remains unclear for now. We can’t deny that ethical consumers who prioritize sustainability and cruelty-free products are looking for more than fancy packaging and labeling on the products. They are looking for transparency about business practises.

Pyunkang Yul’s lack of official certification or clear communication regarding their animal testing policies, consumers may seek alternatives that align more closely with their values. As ethical consumers, it’s important to support brands that prioritize transparency, sustainability, and cruelty-free practices to drive positive change in the beauty industry.

Ecowiser stands firm on its commitment to present the truth, so our readers can make wise decisions. Check out our range of sustainability savvy brand recommendations right here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Pyunkang Yul cruelty-free and vegan?

Pyunkang Yul hasn’t officially confirmed whether it’s cruelty-free or vegan. This means there’s no clear statement from the brand about whether they test on animals or use animal-derived ingredients in their products. Without this confirmation, it’s difficult for consumers who prioritize cruelty-free and vegan products to know if Pyunkang Yul meets their ethical standards.

Is Pyunkang Yul cruelty-free Korean brand?

Not all Korean brands can be considered cruelty-free. Each brand sets its own policies regarding animal testing, so it varies from one brand to another. While some Korean brands may commit to cruelty-free practices, others may still conduct animal testing or use ingredients tested on animals. It’s important for consumers to research individual brands to determine their cruelty-free status.

Who is the owner of Pyunkang Yul?

Pyunkang Yul is owned by Pyunkang Korean Medicine Hospital, which is based in South Korea. The brand’s roots in traditional Korean medicine contribute to its focus on using natural ingredients and gentle formulations in its skincare products.

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