11 Best Color Depositing Conditioners of 2024

color depositing conditioner

Color depositing conditioners are one of the 21st century’s greatest inventions. At least that’s what people with colored hair must feel – and we don’t want to argue with them. 

Color depositing conditioners infuse your hair with temporary pigments that make the temporary color enhance and shine on the surface. Including this product in your daily routine can result in immediate upliftment of hair texture and appearance. Unlike DIY at-home coloring kits that can be tricky to apply and may lead to mistakes, color depositing conditioners are straightforward to use. 

If your hair color is starting to look a bit dull, but the next salon appointment is weeks away, you can give your hair a temporary facelift with a color depositing conditioner. 

We’ve narrowed down the market of color depositing conditioners and identified the best ones for you. Our process included various factors like active ingredients, color enhancement pigments, usage, etc. Let’s go! 

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What Is a Color Depositing Conditioner?

What Is a Color Depositing Conditioner?

A color depositing conditioner does exactly what its name suggests — it deposits color onto your hair. These specialized conditioners come with refreshing hues that envelop your strands in temporary color through the inclusion of pigments within the formula. 

Unlike traditional hair coloring methods that often necessitate pre-bleaching, color depositing conditioners eliminate the need for such preparations. Instead, opt for a formula tailored to your specific hair type and color. According to Giselle Luza, a colorist and the founder of Giselle Luza Studio, these conditioners are beneficial for anyone looking to add shine, enhance their current color, or neutralize any unwanted brassiness.

Applying them is a breeze—simply use them like you would any other conditioner, allowing the formula to sit on your hair for a few extra minutes to maximize the color enhancing effects. Incorporate them into your hair care routine by substituting them for your regular conditioner a few times per week, or whenever your hair needs a little pick-me-up.

 11 Best Color Depositing Conditioners in 2024

These conditioners serve various purposes, whether it’s toning down brassiness in blonde highlights, enriching your brunette tones, or revitalizing your overall red hue. Here are the 11 best ones that you can consider buying.

1. Madison Reed Color Therapy Hair Mask
color depositing conditioner

First on the list is Madison Reed’s Color Therapy Color Depositing Conditioner, which earns high praise from its customers for its ability to deliver the perfect toned and rich color that fades evenly and naturally over time. Unlike some color depositing conditioners that may leave unwanted tones in your hair, this product stays true to its color and offers a seamless transition as it gradually washes out.

The product comes packaged in a compact 4-ounce size, and allows for multiple applications. With a range of seven shades to choose from, you can find the perfect match for your hair color needs.

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2. Davines Alchemic Conditioner
color depositing conditioner

Think dark brown or black hair don’t face color changing issues? That’s not true at all. The color depositing conditioner from Davines is specifically designed to intensify and enhance these deep shades. Although it may not offer the longevity of permanent hair dye, it’s an effective way to temporarily conceal unwanted grays, which can be particularly noticeable on darker hair colors. Plus, it’s free of both silicones and parabens, catering to those seeking a cleaner hair care option.

Made with jojoba oil, this conditioner nourishes and moisturizes color-treated, brown, black, and natural hair types. However, a negative that we noticed is that it feels a bit drying. We recommend a follow up with a hydrating conditioner or mask for added moisture.

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3. Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Dye
color depositing conditioner

Keracolor made to our list because of its moisturizing composition, which includes coconut oil and shea butter. This affordable color depositing conditioner is a fantastic way to achieve an an smooth and finesse to your hair. What sets it apart is its double use a gentle cleanser, which makes it a versatile and user-friendly option for up-keeping with your color between salon appointments. By racking over 80,000 rave reviews, we can say with surety that this conditioner is a crowd pleaser.

It comes in generous 12-ounce size, and has an extensive range of 18 shades. We’re sure you’ll find your match at Keracolor.

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4. Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask
color depositing conditioner

Moroccanoil’s product is a drugstore conditioner is formulated with a blend of amino acids to strengthen hair, oils for added moisture, and a semi-permanent dye to enhance color. If you’re searching for a color-depositing mask that delivers both color enhancement and hydration, Moroccanoil’s offering is worth considering. Just be aware that our editors have noted that it may be challenging to remove from color-treated hair over time, so take care when using it regularly.

You can pick a bottle of 6.7 ounces from a color range of 10 shades, and be rest-assured because this conditioner is suited for hair of all kinds.

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5. Maria Nila Color Refresh
color depositing conditioner

When it comes to color depositing conditioners, individuals with curly hair have a variety of options to choose from. Maria Nila’s Color Refresh formula stands out for its inclusion of super moisturizing argan oil, making it an excellent choice for those with color-treated curly hair.

This conditioner comes with a range of 15 shades, and caters to a wide range of hair colors and preferences. With an 10.1-ounce size, you’ll have plenty of product to maintain your color for multiple applications.

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6. Amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Purple Intense Repair Hair Mask
color depositing conditioner

Blonde and platinum hair enthusiasts understand the importance of incorporating a purple shampoo and/or conditioner into their hair care routine to maintain a vibrant and fresh color. Amika’s Purple Conditioner is a must-have for all hair types, offering a myriad of benefits beyond toning.

Formulated with a blend of nourishing ingredients such as mango butter extract, borage oil, and shea butter, this conditioner not only keeps brassy tones at bay but also reduces breakage commonly associated with color-treated hair. Its super moisturizing formula ensures that your hair remains hydrated and silky soft after each use.

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7. Glaze Super Color Conditioning Gloss
color depositing conditioner

Meet my go-to conditioning gloss for maintaining the vibrancy of my brunette hair with highlights. Available in 12 pigmented colors and a clear gloss option, this formula has become a staple in my hair care routine. I’m particularly enamored with the “Lights” shade series, which does wonders for keeping my highlights toned and luminous.

It is recommended to apply this gloss at least once a week on damp hair, let it sit for about ten minutes, and then rinse it out before styling as usual. With a selection of 13 shades to choose from, there’s something for every brunette with highlights.

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8. IGK Mixed Feelings Leave-In Drops
color depositing conditioner

Are you in search of a solution to boost your hair color without switching up your favorite conditioner? Look no further than IGK’s Mixed Feelings Leave-In Toning Drops. These innovative drops are designed to be mixed into any regular shampoo or conditioner, making them suitable for all hair types. However, it’s important to exercise caution, as it’s easy to overdo the application when mixing it yourself.

We appreciate that the pigment stays true and delivers natural-looking results on various hair colors. Available in one shade, the toning drops come in a compact 1-ounce sized bottle for convenience and portability.

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9. dpHUE Gloss+
color depositing conditioner

The dpHUE Gloss+ is a standout choice among color depositing conditioners, and comes with an impressive range of 11 pigmented colors along with a clear gloss option. Whether you’re looking to enhance your hair color, boost moisture, or add a radiant shine, this conditioner delivers on all fronts. Suitable for weekly use, it’s versatile enough to maintain all-over color, refresh highlights, or provide deep conditioning for all hair types.

With its extensive shade range, you’ll find options to suit various color preferences and hair types. However, it’s worth noting that if you’re seeking particularly bright, vivid, or fun colors, the selection may feel somewhat limited.

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10. Biolage ColorBalm Conditioner

If you’re rocking a vibrant red hair color, you’re likely familiar with the struggle of maintaining its brilliance. While this conditioner is suitable for all hair types, it’s essential to be mindful of potential staining. Due to its vibrant pigments, it can leave temporary stains on the scalp and hands during application. However, with careful use and thorough rinsing, this can be minimized.

This conditioner is available in two stunning red shades—saffron red and red poppy—offering a great range to choose from based on your desired intensity. One of its notable advantages is its quick application process. In just five minutes, you can achieve both conditioning and coloring results, making it a convenient option for those short on time.

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11. Kerastase Blond Purple Mask
color depositing conditioner

If you’re a blonde looking to maintain your vibrant color while combating brassiness, this purple-toned color depositing shampoo might just be your new best friend. One of its standout features is its ability to protect your hair against damage and prevent unwanted color shifts. However, it’s worth noting that the formula can feel somewhat heavy on the hair.

Keratase made it to our list because of its purple hue pigments that are strategically chosen to counteract brassiness, thanks to its position opposite yellow on the color wheel.

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Do You Need a Color Depositing Conditioner?

Do You Need a Color Depositing Conditioner?

Wondering if you need a color depositing conditioner? It depends on your hair texture and post-color hair care routine. The product aids rejuvenating lackluster or faded color and boosting your hair’s appearance. However, if you’re content with your current hair color and don’t feel compelled to enhance or maintain it, a regular conditioner may suffice.

 If you want to preserve or enrich your hair color, then you can include it into your hair care routine. And if you have color-treated hair, you can use it to extend the lifespan of their color treatment between salon visits.

Summing Up! 

The choice to incorporate a color depositing conditioner depends heavily on your history of color usage and the frequency of your salon appointments. If you’re uncertain about whether it’s the right fit for you, seeking guidance from a hairstylist would help.

If you’d like to go one step further and experiment with hair dyes, we’ve got you covered. Check out our 13 best vegan hair dye brands to maintain your mane!

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