15 Best Thrift Stores in Brooklyn for Sustainable Shopping

Best Thrift Stores in Brooklyn for Sustainable Shopping

Thrifting is embedded into the culture of America. In fact, 93% of all Americans now prefer looking through secondhand options before they make a new purchase. And we couldn’t be more grateful. Good for your pocket and the environment, thrifting is one of the best ways to promote circularity while grabbing some vintage, chic clothing and household items at affordable prices. 

From hand me downs to fancy thrift stores and round the corner goodwill huts, millions of clothes and other items are passed down from one shoulder to another. It’s the smartest way to make the full use of consumer goods, and prolong their journey towards a landfill.

If you’re based in or around Brooklyn, and want to make a run to the thrift shop yourself, then you’re in the right place. These amazing thrift stores in Brooklyn allow you to indulge in retail therapy without any guilt.

So, want to save some money, shop sustainably, or fish for cool vintage items, then check this list of 15 best Brooklyn thrift stores.

15 Best Thrift Stores in Brooklyn for Sustainable Shopping

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15 Best Thrift Stores in Brooklyn 

Live in Brooklyn or just visiting? You’ll have an excellent time dropping by and getting your hands on cool items from these 15 thrift stores. 

1. Gotham Thrift Shop

Address: 6101 Myrtle Ave, Queens, NY 11385, USA

Phone Number: +1 347-384-2256

Open Hours: Wednesday to Monday (11 am–8 pm)  & Sunday (11 am–7 pm)

Social Media Presence: Instagram

Gotham Thrift is where the cool kids hang out. Don’t believe us? Check out the incredible testimonials that this place has. The store carries a large selection of clothes, jewelry, furniture, and everything you want, and it’s stocked with fresh items every week. But the store also experiences a hefty foot traffic, so plan a trip as soon as you can.

2. Monk Vintage

Address: 500 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA

Phone Number: +1 718-384-6665

Open Hours: Monday to Saturday (11:30  am–8:15  pm)  & Sunday (12 PM–7:30 pm)

Social Media Presence: Instagram

This Williamsburg thrift store is a popular Brooklyn vintage spot on Driggs Avenue. At Monk Vintage you can find a great, curated selection of Brooklyn vintage clothing, and it has the perfect blend of vintage and trendy clothing. What’s more? You can donate your clothes at any location & receive 25% off your next purchase!

3. Broadway Fashion

Address: 1227 Broadway. Bushwick, NY 11221

Phone Number: (347) 240-9428

Open Hours: Monday to Thursday (10:00  am–6  pm), Friday (10 am–6 pm)  & Sunday (11:00 am–7:00 pm)

Social Media Presence: Facebook, Yelp

Broadway Fashion is based in the heart of Bushwick, and is home to basics and everyday essentials for all ages and sizes. The store carries the widest range of men’s and women’s fashion, with standout pieces in T-shirts, hoodies, pants, and shoes. While the store doesn’t carry luxury hand-me-downs, the store is best-known for carrying an affordable range of clothes, with prices starting as low as $6.

4. New Brooklyn Fashion
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Address: 1065 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Phone Number: NA

Open Hours: Monday to Saturday (11 am–8:30 pm), Friday (10 am–6 pm)  & Sunday (11 am–8 pm)

Social Media Presence: Yelp

If vintage fashion is your cup of tea, then this is where you need to start your thrifting journey. This store carries women’s fashion, and has a large variety of bright and vibrant clothing for all seasons. With prices dipping as low as $5, affordability reigns supreme here. This hidden gem stands out as a must-visit spot and offers irresistible deals, especially for those on the hunt for vintage finds.

5. Le Point Value

Address: 1321 Rogers Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11210

Phone Number: 347.533.6821

Open Hours: Monday to Saturday (10  am–5:30 pm)

Social Media Presence: Facebook, Website

Le Point Value, boasting multiple locations across the five boroughs, stands out as a top contender for the most affordable thrift stores in Brooklyn, with its Prospect Lefferts Gardens branch reigning as a personal favorite. This expansive vintage emporium offers a warehouse-sized selection catering to men, women, and children alike.

6. Brooklyn Woke Vintage

Address: 158 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Phone Number: +1 718-384-8463

Open Hours: Monday to Sunday (10 am–9 pm)

Social Media Presence: Instagram

Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Woke Vintage is a treasure trove for 80s and 90s nostalgia enthusiasts. Discover vintage vinyl, cassette tapes, action figures, and retro electronics. Reasonably priced rarities await, with an option to sell your own vintage items. While clothing options are limited, the real draw is the array of vintage toys and antiques. Don’t miss their holiday pop-up shop at Bryant Park Winter Village during Christmas in New York City!

7. Brooklyn Flea

Address: DUMBO Archway, 80 Pearl St. Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone Number: (718) 928-6603

Open Hours: Monday to Sunday (10 am-5pm)

Social Media Presence: Instagram

Brooklyn Flea is a bustling outdoor flea market based just beneath the iconic Manhattan Bridge archway. Being one of our favorite thrift stores for Brooklyn natives, this lively market offers an extensive range of merchandise, from vintage clothing for men and women to furniture, antiques, Pokémon cards, and children’s toys. Additionally, local artists showcase their artwork here, providing a glimpse into the city’s emerging art scene!

8. Plus BKLYN

Address: 490 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone Number: +1 718-383-3700

Open Hours: Monday to Sunday (12pm-8pm)

Social Media Presence: Instagram

Want to find some cool second-hand clothes in plus size? This Metropolitan Ave gem has the best finds for you. The store has a curated selection ranging from unique dresses to stylish leather jackets, with sizes going up to 32. Plus size patrons can also sell their clothing here for cash or store credit, which makes it the perfect place to trade off-season clothes and find chic vintage stuff in larger sizes.

9. The Attic