JulieMay Allergy-Friendly Lingerie Brand; Full Sustainability Review

If you’re on the lookout for an ethical lingerie brand that goes beyond the bland promises and greenwashed gimmick, then allow us to introduce you to JulieMay. Ecowiser’s silver-star-rated brand for ethical fashion, JulieMay is leading the charge of sustainable clothing in a world addicted to cheap, easy, and fast fashion. 

At JulieMay, every stitch tells a story of fair labor, ethical sourcing, and environmentally sound business practices. Ecowiser believes that sustainability can be achieved without compromising on quality, customer service, and sky-high rates, which is why we’ve rewarded JulieMay, the winner of the Best Lingerie Brand of the Year at the London & South East Prestige Award (2022), with our highly coveted Silver badge. 

In this review, we’ll take you on a journey into the heart of JulieMay, and uncover the policies, practices, and principles that set this brand apart. Let’s dive in!

Founder’s Commitment to Ethical Lingerie and Apparel Industry

Founder’s Commitment to Ethical Lingerie and Apparel Industry

In 2018, JulieMay founder Tiffany Chiu entered the lingerie and apparel industry with a simple vision: to build an allergy-friendly ethical lingerie brand for women of all shapes and sizes. It’s safe to say that she succeeded in this mission since JulieMay isn’t just the leading, but the only allergy-friendly underwear brand in the U.K. 

At the core of JulieMay’s ethos are three key values: allergy-friendliness, organic materials, and ethical production. Tiffany’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that each piece of lingerie is made from certified organic Pima Cotton, sourced sustainably and ethically. 

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From the cotton fields to the sewing room, every step of the production process is carefully monitored to minimize environmental impact and prioritize fair labor practices.

Beyond sustainability, the founder’s goal has always been to build a brand that specifically caters to the needs of individuals with sensitive skin. JulieMay Lingerie offers a solution to those suffering from eczema, skin allergies, and contact dermatitis. 

Tiffany’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond the confines of her business. Through strategic partnerships with organizations such as Allergy-Free UK and the University of Portsmouth, JulieMay Lingerie supports research in breast health and advocates for positive social and environmental change.

What JulieMay Means By “Ethical Lingerie?”

At first glance, ethical lingerie sounds like an oxymoron. This is why Ecowiser took a deeper look into this ambiguous labeling. We’ve concluded that ethical lingerie is all about prioritizing transparency and sustainability from sourcing to the final shipment. 

Julie May products are handmade with high-quality natural materials and adhere to fair trade and ethical production standards. Recognized for their commitment to sustainability, Julie May offers the widest range of allergy-friendly, eco-conscious, and size-inclusive lingerie options to millions of customers worldwide.

The Need for Skin-Friendly Lingerie

The skin absorbs whatever it’s exposed to, including the intimate wear that nibbles and tackles at our skin for the longest stretch of the day. For individuals prone to skin allergies, selecting allergy-friendly bras is of incredible value. All of this underscores the importance of choosing eco-friendly and organic cotton bralettes, especially for covering delicate areas. 

JulieMay Lingerie offers certified organic bras and lingerie, ensuring hypoallergenic materials that are gentle on sensitive skin. These bras, made from skin-friendly fabrics like organic cotton and silk, offer comfort and support without causing irritation. 

A Promise of Comfort To The Customers

A Promise of Comfort To The Customers

In the world of intimate wear, JulieMay Lingerie stands out not just for its luxurious comfort and ethical practices but also for its profound commitment to its buyers

As per Ecowiser’s deep dive, here’s how JulieMay serves its loyal customers. 

  1. Allergy-Friendly Certification: The brand’s products are certified by Allergy-Free UK, ensuring they are safe for people allergic to synthetic fibers, latex, elastic, and sensitive skins.
  1. Organic Fabrics: The brand uses Certified Organic Pima Cotton as its main fabric, ensuring softness and sustainability throughout its collections.
  1. Ethical Production: All JulieMay products are made at an exclusive production site in Hong Kong, where harmful dyes and bleaches are avoided, and water usage during the dyeing process is minimized to conserve resources.
  1. Partnerships for Research: The brand has a partnership with the University of Portsmouth to support research in Breast Health, contributing to advancements in women’s well-being.

Beyond Words: JulieMay’s Certifications & Accolades 

JulieMay’s Certifications & Accolades 

JulieMay packs the package when it comes to industry accreditation and sustainability certifications. Here are some of the most valuable check marks that the brand has acquired within the last six years:

  1. Menopause-Approved Lingerie: The brand’s lingerie is endorsed by trusted menopause experts, catering to the needs of women experiencing this transitional phase in their lives. With designs and features tailored to provide comfort and support, JulieMay ensures that women feel confident and comfortable throughout their menopausal journey.
  1. Allergy-Friendly Certification: Recognizing the diverse needs of its customers, JulieMay’s lingerie is accredited by AllergyUK for its hypoallergenic properties. Made from synthetic-free materials and designed with sensitive skin in mind, JulieMay’s lingerie offers a gentle and comfortable option for individuals prone to allergic reactions.
  1. GOTS Certified Organic Cotton: The main fabric used in JulieMay’s lingerie is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton. This certification ensures that the cotton is sourced sustainably and produced without harmful chemicals, offering both comfort and peace of mind to environmentally-conscious consumers.
  1. Ethical Handmade Production: JulieMay prioritizes ethical production practices by handmaking its lingerie and supporting UN sustainable projects. By partnering with organizations dedicated to environmental and social causes, JulieMay contributes to positive global initiatives while ensuring fair labor practices in its supply chain.

Promises & Partnerships With the Community 

Promises & Partnerships With the Community 

JulieMay’s promise extends beyond delivering the softest and sassiest 21st century undergarments at your doorsteps. Here are the many ways in which the brand gives back to its community: 

  1. Recycling: JulieMay has a sturdy collaboration with Bra Recyclers, UK’s premier intimate recycling avenue, to encourage recycling of preloved bras, which are then either recycled or donated to women and girls in need, such as those escaping domestic violence. Customers can participate in the program by washing their bras, filling out a recycling form, and mailing them. In return, they receive a discount code for their next purchase.
  1. Community Support: JulieMay partners with Uncommon Threads, a nonprofit empowering low-income women in Lawrence, Massachusetts. They donate products, support women through various programs, and sponsor awareness campaigns and workshops.
  1. Forestration: JulieMay works with Eden Reforestation Projects to fight deforestation and poverty by employing local communities to restore ecosystems. They’ve supported projects in various countries, restoring hectares of forests and providing economic opportunities for locals.
  1. Waste Management: Through Plastic Bank®, JulieMay participates in efforts to stop ocean plastic pollution by incentivizing the collection of plastic waste. They’ve rescued over a million ocean-bound plastic bottles and cleaned up miles of beaches.
  1. Carbon Management: JulieMay contributes to a UN project in Malawi that replaces traditional cooking methods with energy-efficient cookstoves, reducing CO2 emissions. They’ve offset thousands of tonnes of CO2 through this initiative. The brand also supports projects like Hydroelectric Energy in Chile, further offsetting its carbon footprint.
  1. Environmental Initiatives: Partnering with Greenspark, JulieMay goes beyond its direct operations to make a positive impact. With every purchase, trees are planted through the Eden Reforestation Project, and contributions are made to support the Plastic Bank project, empowering communities in Haiti, Brazil, the Philippines, and Indonesia while mitigating plastic waste. 

Ecowiser’s Recommendations: Areas of Improvement

Although JulieMay has made significant strides in upholding sustainability principles,  there are still areas where improvement is needed. Here are Ecowiser’s top suggestions for enhancing the brand’s sustainability efforts.

Areas of Improvement

  1. Implementation of a Comprehensive Environmental Policy: We recommend that the brand adopts a comprehensive environmental policy focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and effectively managing wastewater. By setting clear goals and strategies, your brand can demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and contribute to global efforts to combat climate change.
  1. Transparency in the Supply Chain: Consider enhancing transparency in your supply chain by implementing measures to trace and disclose information about suppliers, materials, and production processes. This will not only build trust among consumers but also ensure ethical practices and environmental responsibility throughout your supply chain.
  1. Waste Recycling and Waste Reduction Initiatives: We suggest exploring opportunities to incorporate post-consumer waste recycling and waste reduction initiatives into your operations. By incorporating sustainable practices such as recycling programs and waste reduction strategies, your brand can minimize environmental impact, optimize resource efficiency, and align with consumer preferences for eco-friendly products.

Ecowiser JulieMay Awards With A Silver Badge

Ecowiser is proud to award JulieMay with our coveted silver badge. The brand Lingerie stands out as a leader in ethical fashion, sustainability, inclusivity, environmental consciousness, and community engagement. 

With its allergy-friendly, organic garments and commitment to ethical production, JulieMay offers both comfort and integrity. 

In a world where consumers value authenticity and social responsibility, this brand sets a standard for ethical practices in the intimate apparel industry, demonstrating that style and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Looking to spice up your lingerie collection? Check out JulieMay’s Online UK store. Whether you’re seeking one set or two, indulge in luxurious pieces that cater to your every desire.

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