Discover Sustainable Huarache Sandals & 8 Best Brands To Shop From 

Huarache sandal

It’s always summer somewhere, right? And nothing screams the turn of the season more than getting into your truck shorts and flip flops. And no, not the plastic ones — we’re talking about the Internet’s new cool shoe — the Huarache sandals. 

Easy on the feet and stunning on the eyes, these sandals look good on everyone, and have been spotted everywhere this past year—from David Beckham to your pizza delivery guy. 

If you’re interested in getting a pair for yourself, but can’t figure out the right brand or type, then you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of 8 top-of-the-bench Huarache sandal brands for you. We’ll also tell you why Ecowiser thinks that Huarache sandals are the new vanguards of eco-friendly fashion, and the essential role they play in fostering a more sustainable lifestyle.

Ready! Let’s get you hooked with some cool kicks.

Sustainable Huarache Sandals
Source: Keen

The Timeless Appeal of Huarache Sandals

The Huarache sandals are one of the oldest designs of footwear in the world, originating from the indigenous cultures of Mexico. Known for their distinct weaving patterns and robust construction, these sandals have evolved from their humble beginnings into a symbol of eco-conscious fashion of 21st century. 

The recent resurgence of Huarache Sandals in the fashion scene is not just a nod to their aesthetic appeal, but also a signal to the growing preference for sustainable and traditional shoe styles.

 Timeless Appeal of Huarache Sandals
Source: Huarache Sandals

What Makes Huarache Sandals So Comfortable?

The secret of Huarache’s timeless appeal lies in its design and built. If tight sneakers and boardroom shoes are all your feet has known, then you must give these sandals a try.

Huarache sandals

Craftsmanship and Materials

The essence of the sustainability of Huarache Sandals lies in their craftsmanship and the materials used. Artisans meticulously hand-make each pair from natural, biodegradable materials such as leather and plant fibers. This dedication to traditional practices not only supports local economies but also promotes sensible sourcing and ethical supply chain.


Investing in a pair of Huarache sandals means “buy once, use forever”. Unlike fast-fashion footwear, Huaraches are designed for long-term wear, reducing the need for frequent replacements and, consequently, waste. Their durability is a hallmark of true sustainability in fashion.

Breathability of Huarache Sandals

The intricate weaving pattern of leather or textile used in the upper part of the sandals allows for ample airflow, making them ideal for warm weather or climates. Unlike the congested feel and touch of a closed shoe, this design promotes ventilation around the feet, helping to keep them cool and comfortable even in high temperatures.

8 Best Huarache Sandal Brands To Shop From

Ready to drop some coins on a pair of Huarache sandals? We’ve got the best selection for you. Our style editors reviewed Huarache sandals from 15+ leading brands, and we’ve compiled a list of 8 top brands! Here they are:

Chamula: Rio Grande Sandal

Huarache is synonymous with comfort, and Chamula exemplifies this promise with its one-of-a-kind Rio Grande Sandals. The tighter weave and the soft resting sole makes it ideal for those looking for ventilated shoes with an easy on and off access point. 

Huarache Sandal Sustainability

Xankla Huarache Sandal

Raising the bar, we have Xankla’s hand-made and painted sandals that come all the way from Mexico. The price is certainly on the higher end for this one, but it is justified by their design, quality, and durability. But be mindful, you might need to place an order on the website beforehand, as the brand doesn’t deal in fast-fashion, and only keeps limited quantities in stock.  

Xankla Huarache Sandal

Keen: “Uneek” Sandal

Now if you don’t want to commit to Huarache all the way, we have Keen’s Uneek sandal. This part-sneaker, part-Huarache sandal is sturdy, stylish, and will go with nearly half of your wardrobe. If a superchic black beauty is in your inspo-house for the summer, then you should add these to cart immediately. 

Keen: "Uneek" Sandal

Chamula: Cancun Brown

We picked Chamula’s Cancun sandals for their lightweight feel, dark color shade and neatly cut leather strips that give a more rustic and handmade feel to the sandals.

Screenshot 2024 04 09 at 5.20.28 PM

Espiritu: Mayan Huaraches 

We all need a pop of color this summer. And the best thing about these sandals is this dash of red. Of course, Espiritu’s top-quality huaraches, made by local artisans from Mexico with locally-sourced materials, are some other great things about them. 

Prickly Pear Classics Huarache Sandals

Nike Huarache Sandals

In the list about footwear, we’d be remiss not to talk about Nike. The brand launched its own line of semi-huarache sandals back in 2012, and they are definitely something you should try on. Nike’s Huarache sandals have the brand’s signature grip sole, quick-drying uppers, and a killer look that makes it a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

Nike Huarache Sandals

Deer Stags: Bamboo2 Huaraches

A common complaint with Huarache sandals is the toe poking through the tips. Deer Stags designed theirs with premium outer layer coverage, ensuring that everything remains inside, all intact – without sacrificing on the quintessential airiness of the sandal.

Deer Stags: Bamboo2 Huaraches

Yuketen, “Alejandro” Sandal

If you live in a walkable city like New York, thes Yuketan sliders with a beefy sole that might come in handy this summer. The shoes are designed for maximum comfort and security, while maintaining breathability.

Yuketen, "Alejandro" Sandal

Why Choose Huarache Sandals?

why choose huarache sandals

Environmental Impact

The environmental advantage of choosing Huarache Sandals over conventional footwear is stark. By favoring sandals made with natural materials and ethical labor, consumers can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and support sustainable fashion practices.

Traditional Craftsmanship

The role of traditional craftsmanship in promoting sustainable living cannot be overstated. Artisans who create Huarache Sandals preserve age-old techniques and foster an appreciation for slow fashion, encouraging a shift away from mass-produced goods.

Influencer Endorsements

The endorsement of Huarache Sandals by sustainable fashion influencers underscores their relevance and appeal in the eco-friendly fashion scene. These real-life examples serve as inspiration for individuals looking to make more conscious fashion choices.

Taking Care of Your Huarache Sandals

Maintaining Huarache Sandals is integral to their longevity. Simple care practices can extend their life significantly, further enhancing their sustainability quotient. This stewardship of belongings is a key principle of sustainable fashion.

Taking Care of Your Huarache Sandals
Source: Espiritu

Here are some care tips for these fashionable sandals:

Keep Them Clean: Regularly wipe down your huarache sandals with a damp cloth to remove dirt and debris. For stubborn stains, use a mild soap solution and gently scrub the affected areas.

Dry Properly: After cleaning, allow your huarache sandals to air dry naturally in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Avoid using a hairdryer or placing them near a heater, as excessive heat can cause the leather to dry out and crack.

Store Them Carefully: When not in use, store your huarache sandals in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid stacking or squishing them, as this can deform the shape of the sandals over time. 

Let’s Go The Huarache Way!

Hope you’ll snag some pairs before the Huarache trend reaches TikTok, and all the responsibly stored shoes go out of stock. Adopting Huarache Sandals is more than a fashion statement; it’s a step towards a sustainable future. Ecowiser is leading the fashion forward charge, and we’d love for you to join us.

Start your Ecowiser today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are they called huaraches?
Huaraches are named after the Purépecha word “kwarachi,” referring to a traditional form of sandal from the Jalisco region in Mexico. The term and the footwear itself have indigenous origins, with a rich history that dates back to pre-Columbian times.

Is Huarache safe to wear?
Huaraches are named after the Purépecha word “kwarachi,” referring to a traditional form of sandal from the Jalisco region in Mexico. The term and the footwear itself have indigenous origins, with a rich history that dates back to pre-Columbian times.

Are huaraches good for your feet?
Huaraches can be good for your feet, especially in warm climates, due to their open and breathable design. Traditional huaraches are flat and may not offer the same level of arch support as some modern footwear. However, many find them comfortable for casual wear. Modern versions of huaraches might include additional support and cushioning, making them more suitable for a wider range of foot health needs.

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