6 Vegan Egg Substitutes for Delicious and Nutritious Meal

vegan egg subsitutes

The pandemic and social revelations have brought changes in individuals’ lifestyles, careers, personal growth, and more. Lifestyle and health have gone through major makeshifts, as even the common folk have begun choosing more healthier options. We have all heard of the term veganism. This term has taken over the food industry bringing in more diet-friendly options. 

Healthier options have now surfaced not just on the internet but also in the kitchens of households. According to statistics, in the US, the number of vegans went up to 3.5% in 2021. Vegan diets have been widely incorporated in high-end restaurants which have developed more influence in the media and public. 

In the U.S. there are over 9.5 million people who are adopting healthier lifestyles and the light has shined on vegan egg substitutes. It has caught the eye of many celebrities which has led to fitness-conscious minds and bodies. To nutritionists, it may be a prime element of your diet plan but to kids and adults, it’s a daily dose of a ‘healthy’ diet. This is not to say that it isn’t healthy but here we present the best vegan egg substitutes which will not just please your fitness conscious mind but also your heart.

Why are eggs used in baking?

vegan egg substitute

Baking is a tradition in many households. It is a memory attached to many individuals’ childhoods and is known as a form of comfort and security. We bake to celebrate occasions as well as heal our hearts. The majority of the baked recipes consist of eggs, flour, and sugar. 

Eggs are used as a prime ingredient for firmness, flavor, and binding. Incorporating eggs in a dish can add balance, protein, and structure. The nutritional value in the use of eggs can provide a steadiness between the power of flour and the tenderness of sugar. 

The eggs consist of 3 main elements; the yolk, the white/albumin, or the whole egg. It carries high levels of protein, fat, and water. To be specific, according to research, there is 12% fat, 13% protein, 73% water, and 2% minerals which are the main reasons for the use of eggs, especially in recipes that require high raising agents. 

These elements have been an incomparable recipe game change that has not been incorporated into many different kinds of recipes. These elements have now been improvised with plant-based substitutes and egg replacers which provide the same results with healthier outcomes.

The use of eggs in a baked good has evolved and has provided individuals with other alternatives. Egg replacers in a recipe have taken the internet for a storm. Vegan egg replacements have been multiplying, giving individuals around the world more options to explore and find the perfect fit for their personal choices. 

These substitutes are no longer only among the social media of stars and fitness freaks but also an opportunity for even the common folk to pay more attention to themselves. 

These Vegan Egg Substitutes will bring you comfort to your heart and have the house smelling just as delicious as when you were a kid. 

There are several kinds of vegan egg replacers that you can explore to identify which fits you in the best way for yourself and your recipes. We bring to you the top Best Vegan Egg replacers which will change your vegan lifestyle into a passion.

Best Vegan Egg Replacers

The recipes and aesthetic meals that you see on your social media feed no longer have to be just photos. These vegan substitutes will motivate you to stay healthier and achieve your aesthetic goals. 

The plant-based egg substitutes will be the perfect replacements for ensuring an exact form of color and texture. It’s time for you to take these replacers into action!


egg replacer

You may believe that bananas are a fruit and are used in ice-creams and desserts but have you ever thought that they could be one of the best replacements for an egg. 

An egg carries a complex variety of agents which is required to make the dish flavorful and desirable. Bananas may not carry the same complexity however, they carry potassium and fiber which reciprocates the same values and the results as an egg. It provides moisture, texture, and firmness.

All you need to do is use mashed banana and a cup of milk to ensure the perfect consistency. It is a perfect egg white replacer for bread, muffins, cakes, etc.

But remember to make sure that the recipe that you are using supports the flavor of a banana. If the dish consists of spices such as meal dishes it would be best to take a lighter quantity or utilize other egg replacers like the ones mentioned below. But don’t worry we got your back! You can always choose other options presented below.


plant-based egg substitute

Aquafaba is the most common and the best vegan egg replacer. It is a plant-based egg substitute that is cultivated through boiled vegetables or canned beans. It provides vital binding of ingredients, especially when the recipes require leavening, thickening, and texture. This process is commonly developed through chickpeas or canned beans hence the name, “bean liquid/water”. They provide the perfect form of fluffiness to the recipe.

But remember, it’s important to check your recipes to ensure the ideal consistency and whether this alternative can support your goal. It creates the ideal replacer for egg whites as when the liquid is mixed it creates a light and white fluffy texture. This whipped consistency can change your recipe into a masterpiece. Aquafaba also carries high nutritional value as it is FDA approved and carries fewer calories than an egg. This egg replacer is going to be part of your kitchen from today on! Check out the best ways to make Aquafaba.

There are 3 specific ways to create the ideal Aquafaba 

Utilize the liquid from canned chickpeas or beans 

You can use store bought or farm made chickpeas. The liquid in the can be used as an alternative to the egg whites. 

Tip: Use unsalted chickpeas. 

DIY! Make your own 

If I have specific needs within the liquid that you use you can simply use other vegetables. You can simply boil them in a cooker. Remember to add ample water as that is the prime resource. 

Tip: Keep the flame going till you can identify your ideal consistency; as it will thicken in time. 

Buy aquafaba powder

The most convenient option is to buy aquafaba powder at your closest shop. It’s reliable and convenient, however, it may be expensive as it is rare. 

The ideal formula would be chickpeas which are most commonly used due to their tinted color of yellow and when whipped, create a fluffy texture. This combines a perfect solution for a plant-based egg substitute and a vegan egg white substitute. So now with this recipe, your vegan egg replacement can be at your fingertips.

If you are looking for something sweeter, don’t worry we got you! The next one is the best sweet egg replacer you will find on the internet!

 Apple / Apple sauce 

vegan egg replacement

Apples have been a great substitute for vegans all over the world. These substitutes are mainly incorporated by chefs due to allergies and personal reasons which have provided more options in the recipe to create a personal and unique way. 

This method is mainly used in pastries, cakes, and so on. But remember apple sauce and apples support moisture and texture, so to incorporate other elements it’s important to adjust your quantity of flour, sugar, and other possible additions. 

Individuals can choose to use the whole apple which is then taken down to a liquid form or can also be utilized in the form of a store-bought apple puree. These substitutes create a replica of an egg as it brings richness and lightness to the dish.

Apples are commonly used as a raising agent. To activate the dish all you need to include are 4 tablespoons of the puree and half a teaspoon of baking powder. Apples may not have the same consistency as an egg but carry similar building agents as a regular egg. 

This replacer consists of high vitamin C, potassium, and fiber which can provide you with many benefits. It is also similar to the egg whites which can lead to the perfect vegan egg white replacements. But remember these agents may not provide the best results when making dishes that require the result to be crispy. 

Hope this brings a little sweetness to your life! We bring to you a cooler and tropical egg replacer! Coming right up.


flax eggs

Yogurt has a great flavor to act as a replacement for eggs. This vegan substitute can enhance the flavor of your dish and create the perfect consistency. 

To ensure accuracy 4 tablespoons of yogurt would be the ideal measurement equivalent to 1 egg. If the dish asks for more you could adjust the recipes to your liking. The reason why yogurt is an ideal agent is that it provides an identical result as an egg white substitute. 

This vegan egg alternative has been used in many cookbooks and by famous chefs. It is important to remember that yogurt is in liquid form so is ideal in dry recipes. If the recipe consists of more water-based ingredients you could use another alternative or could simply reduce the quantity being used. 

Yogurt may be an uncommon choice as vegans support dairy-free products however, it is a choice and is allowed in their strict diets. It is a great source to create fluffiness and presentation to your dish. This is an ideal alternative, especially for your vegan breakfasts but when your recipe consists of harder results such as cookies and requires firmness, please feel free to use other alternatives as each one is built to fit your convenience. 

Coming up next is the ideal egg replacer when you are craving scrambled eggs or a perfect English breakfast.


vegan egg substitute

Tofu has been a vegan egg replacement used in many recipes, especially in curries and continental recipes. It has been replaced by many ideals of lifestyles such as vegans, vegetarians, and pescatarians and has also caught the eyes of non-vegetarians. 

Tofu has the consistency of meat and has been the perfect replacement for scrambled eggs and patty breakfasts. So, to the table, we no longer just bring protein but also a variety. Tofu has been the highly used egg replacement in many high-end restaurants and has now become part of people’s diets. 

Nutritionists don’t just recommend it but encourage it because it provides the individual with equal nutrition and the ideal consistency. It has been a game changer for many and the ideal Vegan egg substitute. This has now encouraged many schools and businesses to adopt these meal plans to create ideal meals and nutrition outcomes for their students. 

You may no longer crave scrambled eggs because we found the perfect vegan egg replacement for you.  

What is Flax Egg?

plant-based egg substitute

A flax egg is a well-known substitute for vegans and is a plant-based egg replacement. This substitute has been implemented by many nutritionists and has caused a major game change in individuals’ diets and health. 

It also consists of the easiest ingredients; flaxseed and water. This mixture consists of many nutrients whilst also the nutrients of a normal egg. This plant-based egg substitute consists of health benefits beyond any meal can provide. It also reduces the fat and increases the protein when used. 

The reason why veganism has adopted flaxseeds immensely is due to the gluten-free benefits it provides. It caters to many individuals who require their diet to be gluten-free and vegan. It carried Omega-3 which controls cholesterol and other heart related issues. It is also rich in lignans which provide the body with stronger immunity and reduces the risk of cancer. 

For someone on a diet, specifically a low-carb diet, this vegan egg substitute could be the ideal choice as it builds in carbohydrates. 

In recipes, flax seeds can provide more nutrition and carry the same level of binding properties which can carry the same results. The consistency also is impeccable especially when you are looking for an egg white substitute. 

It may not give you the white color but the texture and consistency will show no difference. A flax egg may not be an actual egg but if you take a step back and look at the true benefits it can carry as an egg replacer, it may change your whole world. 


  • Tablespoon of Ground Flaxseeds
  • 3 tablespoons of water

A tablespoon would constitute 1 egg and if the recipe requires more you could simply add or multiply the required ingredient. But make sure to allow the mixture to sit in the water for at least 15 minutes to ensure a gel form consistency. This alternative will provide the best results when used in pancakes, muffins, or any kind of gluten-free and nut-based flour. Flax seeds provide a healthy alternative as well as the perfect complement of flavor to your recipes.

Tip: They pair very well with recipes of pumpkin, cinnamon, chocolate, and vanilla

egg replacer

Final Verdict – Let this be your choice!

These Vegan Egg replacers will save not just your diets but will warm your hearts. Let’s bring back the toasty smells in our homes and recipes that will forever change our lives and the futures to come. Let’s take a step forward to create plant-based substitutes which will carry the same nutritional value and make our taste buds swarm.

We have brought to you the best possible solutions which will be recommended by your nutritionists. The versatile options will keep your palette fresh and wanting more. A healthier option no longer has to be a burden but rather your passion. Don’t forget these egg replacers are just the start you can explore so much more, because we know that you are capable of it.

Remember, don’t knock it till you try it.

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