Your Guide to the Best Sustainable Victorian Dresses

Victorian fashion, known for its elegance and intricacy, is experiencing a resurgence. However, in today’s environmentally conscious world, it’s crucial to blend historical beauty with sustainability. This guide delves into the realm of sustainably produced Victorian dresses, inspired by Victorian fashion, offering insights for those who cherish both the planet and the past.

Top Sustainable and Ethical Brands for Victorian Dresses

After understanding what makes a Victorian dress sustainable, it’s time to explore where you can find these gems. Here are some of the best sustainable clothing brands that sell clothes inspired by Victorian fashion.

1. Reformation l Bryson Dress
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Price Range: $228

This dreamy red hot dress is designed to be fitted at the bodice with an A-line skirt. It comes with a back smoking and a sweetheart neckline. Dance the night away in this ethically made-dress!

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2. Luna+Sun l Mya Dress – Natural Linen
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Price Range: $199.95

This dress is perfect for transitioning from day to night and can be styled in numerous ways to make it a versatile piece that will remain loved and worn for years to come. Moreover, it’s an ideal dress for different sizes and shapes, and it’s also friendly for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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3. All The Wild Roses l Marley Dress
Marleycottonembroidereddress 3 900x jpg

Price Range: $90.95

The Marley cotton embroidered dress is a vintage-inspired garment that has been recreated using remnant embroidered cotton. This effortless style is perfect for casual beach days or summer nights out, and it is lined at the lower dress for added comfort.

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4. ABLE l Linda Maxi Dress
LindaMaxiDress AlpineGreen ABLE 1

Price Range: $168

Looking for a simple yet stunning outfit? The Linda Maxi Dress might be exactly what you need. Made from a soft and flowy satin material, this vintage-inspired dress features smocking details on the sleeves and ruffled neckline, fabric-covered buttons, and long sleeves. 

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5. Christy Dawn l Emma Dress
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Price Range: $348

The Emma Dress in Cornflower Basketweave is a beautifully crafted dress that exudes elegance and style. It features vintage-inspired trim, a fitted silhouette, adjustable shoulder ties, and elastic smocking for added comfort and ease.

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6. Happy Earth Apparel l Monstera Ruffle Wrap Dress
dress2 jpg

Price Range: $90.13

This midi wrap dress is timeless, ruffled, and naturally flowy, making it perfect for wowing at any outing. The elegant dress features a surplice V-neck, flutter sleeves, and a wrap-fitted bodice that provides a waist-defining fit.

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7. Mila Vert l Tencel Wrap Dress
Tencel wrap dress 6 jpg

Price Range: $366.60

This Tencel wrap dress is perfect for summer as it’s light and comfortable to wear. It has a flowy and elegant design that features a delicate V-neckline. The dress is tied at the side and has a maxi length that reaches down to the ankles. It’s also easy to style, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

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8. Toad & Co l Scouter Cord Tiered Dress
T1781304 Cinnamon 3

Price Range: $130

Tiered styling with a cold-weather feel. The structured silhouette of the organic cotton cord combines substance and style. It features full sleeves, button front detail, and hand pockets, making it a versatile dress.

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9. Whimsy & Row l Lola Wrap Dress in Rust
Whimsy SS2023 63 jpg

Price Range: $248

This Lola dress features a deep v-neckline, maxi length and flounce all around. It comes with an open back, adjustable straps and a fitted waist. The flowy bottom with a broad sweep makes it move like a breeze, making it a perfect party and everyday outfit.

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10. Thought l Juanita Lenzing™ EcoVero™ Satin Dress – Gold
WWD7165 Juanita Lenzing EcoVero Satin Dress in gold 6 jpg

Price Range: $148

Your ideal companion for the party season and made using soft satin and stunning gold with a touch of stretch, making this dress both comfortable and visually appealing. Dance the night away with this whimsy dress!

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Why Choose Sustainably Produced Victorian Dresses

The fashion industry significantly impacts the environment, from water consumption to waste production. Choosing sustainably produced Victorian dresses, inspired by Victorian fashion, means supporting practices that minimize this impact. It’s not just about style; it’s about making a responsible choice for our planet.

A Selection of Sustainable Victorian Dress Options

Several ethical fashion brands stand out in the sustainable Victorian fashion scene. These brands prioritize eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing, ensuring that your fashion choices don’t come at the earth’s expense. We’ll highlight some top picks, complete with affiliate links for easy shopping.

victorian dresses

Tips for Choosing Sustainable Victorian Dresses

When selecting sustainable Victorian dresses, inspired by Victorian fashion, consider factors like materials, production processes and ethics. Choose materials like organic cotton or recycled fabrics. Ethical manufacturing processes and brand transparency are also key. Look for certifications that assure ethical labor practices and environmental stewardship.

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Styling Victorian Dresses for a Modern Twist

Victorian dresses, inspired by Victorian fashion, can be stylishly integrated into modern wardrobes by mixing vintage and contemporary elements. Pair them with contemporary accessories or layer them for a unique look. This fusion of eras creates a fashion statement that’s both timeless and forward-thinking.

The Evolution of Evening Dresses

Understanding the history of Victorian fashion adds depth to your style choices. The era was marked by detailed craftsmanship and elaborate designs, reflecting social norms and technological advancements of the time. This historical insight enriches your fashion experience.

burgess milner OYYE4g I5ZQ unsplash

Incorporating Eco-Friendly Choices with Victorian Dresses

Complete your Victorian look with eco-friendly accessories, footwear, and beauty routines. From vintage jewelry to sustainable shoes, every element of your outfit can reflect your commitment to ethical fashion. Even beauty products can align with these values, enhancing your overall aesthetic.

Embracing the Cottagecore Aesthetic

The cottagecore aesthetic, with its emphasis on simplicity and nature, complements Victorian fashion beautifully. It’s about embracing a slower, more mindful lifestyle, reflected in clothing choices that favor sustainability and historical charm.

Creating a Sustainable Victorian Wedding Look

For a wedding look that’s both romantic and responsible, consider a vintage Victorian dress paired with sustainable accessories. This approach not only creates a unique bridal look but also supports sustainable fashion practices.

diah ayu owEioicH0sU unsplash


Are sustainable Victorian dresses easy to find?
Yes, with a growing number of brands focusing on ethical and sustainable practices, finding these dresses is becoming easier.

Can I incorporate modern elements into a Victorian-inspired outfit?
Absolutely! Blending modern and Victorian elements can create a unique and personal style.

How can I ensure that the vintage Victorian dresses I buy are sustainable?
Look for dresses made from sustainable materials and check the brand’s ethical practices and certifications.

What are some eco-friendly accessories that complement a Victorian look?
Vintage jewelry, sustainable footwear, and natural fiber hats are great options to complete your Victorian ensemble.


In conclusion, choosing sustainably produced Victorian dresses, inspired by Victorian fashion, is a stylish way to honor both the past and the planet. By making informed choices, you can enjoy the elegance of Victorian fashion while supporting a more sustainable future.

If you’re looking for more great pieces to add to your sustainable wardrobe, check out our blog for amazing thrift store recommendations and more!

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