Sunday Lawn Care Review: Get The Greenest Grass in 2024

sunday lawn care

Want the grass to be greener on your side of the aisle? Let’s make it happen with Sunday Lawn Care.

Sunday Lawn Care is a subscription service that streamlines the entire lawn-care process by equipping users with a customized DIY treatment plan made up of eco-friendly ingredients, all delivered precisely at their doorstep. 

Lawn care is complicated and underrated, we know. It’s more than just maintaining green grass. From using human-safe and non-toxic pesticides to protecting the grass from heat stress, there’s so much that goes into lawn care. If you’re looking to step up your lawn care game, and ensure that your lawn isn’t just mowed and watered, but flourishing and thriving, then this lawn care service might be the answer. 

We’ll review this brand, and their premier product, the Smart Lawn Plan, in this article. Ready to revamp your lawn like never before? Let’s get started!

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What Is Sunday Lawn Care?

What Is Sunday Lawn Care?

Sunday Lawn Care is a subscription service that provides organic lawn care products and do-it-yourself lawn care service packages. Founded by Coulter and Trent Lewis in 2019, the company offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional lawn care treatment to homes across North America. Designed with people, pets, and the planet in mind, Sunday Lawn Care delivers lawn care packages tailored to your turf needs. All you need is a hose to get started.

When it comes to lawn care, the leading problems that people face is the selection of products. Sunday Lawn Care is lawn care made easy. The brand offers the widest range of products that can take your lawn from frazzled and drylands to bushiest shades of green within one season. Their products, complete with application tools, are tried, tested, and delivered just in time for their best use. Aimed at enhancing soil quality, Sunday’s products promote a healthier, more resilient lawn, thereby easing the gardening process for homeowners.

Sunday Lawn Care: Standout Features

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This lawn care service provides a subscription-based Smart Lawn Plan tailored to the specific needs of homeowners across all 50 states and Washington, D.C. The online platform allows customers to schedule various services, including live plants, trees, lawn care, and pest control, with the convenience of getting quotes instantly online. Let’s talk about what we love, like, and dislike in this brand.

Sunday Lawn Care: What We Love

What We Love About Sunday Lawn Care

  • Cost-Effective: The service offers relatively affordable pricing per season, making it an economical choice for regular lawn maintenance.
  • Streamlined Customization: Customers benefit from a straightforward process to create a comprehensive, custom lawn plan.
  • Localized Plant Suggestions: The service provides customized suggestions for live plants and trees that are ideal for the customer’s specific geographical location.
  • Eco-Friendly: The use of eco-conscious product ingredients appeals to environmentally aware consumers, promoting sustainable lawn care practices.

Sunday Lawn Care: Room for Improvement

  • Simplistic Instructions: Some customers might find the product usage instructions too simplified, which could affect the optimal care and maintenance of their lawns.
  • Coverage Limitation: There is a maximum recommended coverage limit of 13,500 square feet, which may not be sufficient for larger properties, potentially excluding customers with extensive lawn areas.

Sunday Lawn Care: Full Review

Full Review Of Sunday Lawn Care

Sunday Lawn Care’s top offering, the Smart Lawn Plan, is a convenient lawn-care subscription box that provides customers with a customized lawn-care plan based on factors such as location, climate, and soil quality. The boxes are delivered seasonally right to the customer’s doorstep, so it’s easy to know when it’s time to use the products. 

The Smart Lawn Plan subscription primarily offers liquid nutrient pouches (along with the sprayer attachment to use with your own hose) formulated to address a customer’s lawn-specific needs, based on a soil sample as well as climate. All of Sunday’s products are pet and child-safe, and focus on improving soil to sustain a lawn’s health without the use of chemicals. 

It is a worthwhile purchase for someone who wants to maintain a beautiful lawn but doesn’t have the knowledge or time to get the right products at the right time. Sunday also carries products such as fertilizers and nutrients, grass seed, weed killers, and pet spot treatments in addition to a variety of tools and garden accessories.

How Sunday Lawn Care Service Works

How Sunday Lawn Care Service Works

Sunday Lawn Care offers a straightforward approach to keeping your lawn healthy by delivering exactly what you need, right when you need it. To start, potential customers are prompted to create an online account and complete a brief diagnostic quiz that includes entering their street address. Sunday Lawn Care machine utilizes this information, along with historical weather data, prevailing climate trends, and satellite images of the customer’s home, to customize the delivery of fertilizers for either new or existing grass and the appropriate seeds.

The initial shipment includes a soil sample kit with a pre-addressed return envelope. Customers send their soil samples back to Sunday, and the subsequent delivery contains tailored products designed to correct any identified nutrient deficiencies.

This service operates on a subscription basis, ensuring that products arrive at the optimal time for application. Detailed instructions are provided with each box, and customers can also find application timelines and other essential details in their online accounts.

Additionally, Sunday offers a range of relevant extras like weed killer, extra seeds, applicators, and gardening tools. These can be included in regular orders or sent separately. The service also extends to delivering live plants specifically chosen to thrive in the customer’s local climate.

Sunday Lawn Care Plans, Services, and Products

Sunday Lawn Care Plans, Services, and Products

Sunday provides an annual Smart Lawn Plan that supplies all the essentials a customer needs for year-round lawn maintenance, distributed across four shipments.

In addition to lawn care products, Sunday Lawn Care subscription offers a selection of live plants, such as trees and shrubs, specifically chosen for the customer’s USDA growing zone. These are delivered at the optimal planting time, simplifying the decision-making process for when to plant. The website also features growing tips and professional advice to assist customers in their gardening endeavors.

Moreover, customers have the opportunity to purchase a variety of gardening supplies, like Sunday Lawn Care fertilizer. This includes plant food and tools like spades and pruners, as well as larger equipment such as mowers and hedge trimmers.

Sunday Lawn Care: Sustainable Ingredients

Sustainable Ingredients for Sunday Lawn Care

Sunday Lawn Care was created by two brothers with a desire to create an effective lawn-care solution service that doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket. Along with convenience and affordability, the brothers also prioritised environmental sustainability throughout the supply chain. The company’s products use transparent and bio-based formulas that are safe for both pets and children. Instead of cheap fertilizers and harmful chemicals, the products are ladened with natural ingredients like soy protein, seaweed, molasses, and beetroot juice.

Keeping up with its promise of transparency and public care, the brand has pledged to never use harmful ingredients like malathion and pendimethalin. With the goal of fostering a healthy soil, the brand only uses eco-conscious fertilizers and offers a water saving manual with all of its care packages.

Sunday Lawn Care Cost & Quotes

Sunday Lawn Care Cost & Quotes

After completing the diagnostic quiz and providing their name and email, customers can view the pricing for the annual Sunday Lawn care subscription, which includes four shipments.

The subscription starts at $119 for the year. This comes with several tools, including a hose-end sprayer (customers must provide their own hose), a soil test kit, lawn nutrient pouches, printed instructions, and access to an online database of expert gardening tips and responsive customer service.

The cost depends upon the size of the lawn and the frequency of service required. The total price increase significantly if the lawn is larger and requires additional nutrient pouches for adequate coverage, or if the customer needs extra seed. However, it’s important to note that Sunday often runs seasonal promotions that can offer savings, especially for new customers. Therefore, directly searching for “get sunday lawn care cost” might not always provide the most current pricing.

Additional products, like seeds for reseeding, can be added to the subscription at clear, upfront pricing. Customers have the flexibility to cancel their subscription at any time, and there is a discount available for those who choose to renew their subscription for another year.

Sunday Lawn Care: Results and Guarantee

Sunday Lawn Care: Results and Guarantee

Sunday Lawn Care is committed to enhancing lawn health and backs its products with a robust guarantee. If customers don’t see the expected improvements, they can reach out with a complaint/replacement request for the product. In the event of any product damage, Sunday also promises swift replacement.

The company supports its offerings with a comprehensive online resource section that answers customer queries and frequently asked questions. By Sunday Lawn Care coupon code you can save a few dollars and get responsive customer service seven days a week during business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST).

When Ecowiser made an inquiry, we got a response within 24 hours, which shows the brand’s customer care and guidance.

How To Sign Up for Sunday Lawn Care Service

We found the sign-up process for Sunday Lawn Care subscription package and service to be incredibly user-friendly and person-first. Instead of battling an AI chat box or a long wait line, we filled out a simple form with our requirements and recieved a call a couple days later.

Here’s how the sign up will play out for you:

Step 1: Answer a few questions about the state of the lawn and mention some trouble spots in detail

Step 2: Fill out the form and enter your address with a satellite image of your home.

Step 3: Mention top requirements from the care package that are unique to your lawn. 

Within a couple of days of ordering the plan, Sunday Lawn Care lets you know the exact time and date of delivery and shipment. 

Ecowiser Final Verdict: Sunday Lawn Care

Maintaining a lawn is not a child’s play. If you’re new to the world of backyards, green grass, and lawn management, don’t get yourself worked up. Instead, get some help in the form of a subscription service like Sunday Lawn Care. From recovering dry spots, to fixing snow moldings, pet damage, shade variations, and clearing out weeds, the super cool and highly professional team at Sunday Lawn Care takes care of all of it all.

Our Sunday Lawn Care review highlights the convenience of the brand’s service offerings, which we definitely recommend for gardening novices. We also appreciate the brand’s use of eco-conscious ingredients that is helping thousands of homes across the U.S., maintain a gorgeous lawn that doubles up as a safe play area for kids and pets. I

If you’re ready for top-notch lawn service, visit Sunday Lawn Care now and check out all their offerings!

While you get ready to beautify your lawn, how about getting a little decor to go with it? Check out our 10 best eco-friendly solar lights for your sustainable garden!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best lawn care program?

Sunday offers a commendable lawn care program with features that fit the bill. The brand has also expanded its offerings to include products and services for weed and pest control, lawn aeration, and overseeding. Additionally, they now offer a service operation where trained Sunday lawn care technicians will come to your home and perform the work for you.

When to use Sunday Lawn Care Kickstart?

Lawn Kickstart by Sunday Lawn Care is a powerful fertilizer that kickstarts growth of the grass. Sunday Lawn Care team suggests that the kickstart should be the first step towards lawn care management. You can use it at any point during the season, but it works best when used early on or during the maturity of the grass. 

What order do you use for Sunday Lawn Care products?

Sunday Lawn Care Costco instruction manual instructs that the state of using lawn care is fertilization of the soil, followed by mowing and weed control. Once you have the field to work with, you can trim and repair the damage. 

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