Force of Nature Cleaner: A Chemical-Free Cleaning Solution That Works

force of nature cleaner

Cleanliness is indeed a virtue. However, the incessant use of chemicals isn’t virtuous at all. In fact, it is criminal. Leading research has identified “cleaners as a group at risk for adverse health effects.” Exposing your family to these chemicals isn’t worth the clean floors anyway.

There’s of course an alternative in the form of chemical-free cleaning solutions. Force of Nature offers chemical-free cleaning solutions that works in 2024. If you’re looking for eco-friendly and non-toxic alternative to your every day cleaners, then your search ends here.

In this review, we explored the Force of Nature cleaner — a revolutionary product designed to meet your needs, without compromising the health of your family.

Ready to embrace a safer, non-toxic cleaner that actually works? Keep scrolling.

Force of Nature Cleaner: Product Review

Force of Nature Cleaner
Source: Force of Nature

Force of Nature cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaner that combines the power of nature and science to provide an effective cleaning solution. It uses simple ingredients—salt, water, and vinegar—which are transformed through a process called electrolysis to create a powerful disinfectant and cleaner. This process involves using electricity to break down the molecules and create a solution that can clean, disinfect, and deodorize effectively.

What Does Force of Nature Cleaner Offer?

The Force of Nature Cleaner is a chemical-free essential that brings together environmental consciousness and household cleaning. This eco-friendly cleaner has already gained several certifications like the Leaping Bunny, EPA registered, and Carbon neutral certified to name a few.

What Does Force of Nature Cleaner Offer?
Source: Force of Nature

  1. Chemical-Free and Non-Toxic: One of the most significant benefits of the Force of Nature cleaner is that it is entirely chemical-free. It is safe to use around children and pets, making it a great choice for households looking to reduce their chemical footprint.

  1. Safe for Kids and Pets: The non-toxic nature of this cleaner means you don’t have to worry about harmful fumes or residues. This is particularly important for families with young children and pets, who are more susceptible to the effects of harsh chemicals.

  1. Environmental Benefits: By using Force of Nature cleaner, you are contributing to a healthier environment. The force of nature cleaner’s ingredients are natural, and the electrolysis process means fewer chemicals are released into the ecosystem.

  1. Multi-Purpose Use for Various Surfaces: This cleaner is incredibly versatile. It can be used on multiple surfaces, including countertops, and floors, and even as a disinfectant spray. The Force of Nature multi-purpose cleaner lives up to its name by providing a solution for virtually any cleaning task in your home.

Force of Nature Cleaner: Leading Features

Force of Nature Cleaner: Leading Features
Source: Force of Nature

Disinfection Capabilities: The Force of Nature cleaner is not just a cleaner but also a disinfectant. It kills 99.9% of germs, including viruses and bacteria, making it an effective tool for maintaining a hygienic home environment.

Comparison with Traditional Chemical Cleaners: Unlike traditional chemical cleaners, Force of Nature disinfectants do not leave behind harmful residues or strong chemical odors. It provides the same level of cleanliness and disinfection without the associated risks.

User Reviews and Testimonials: Many users have praised the cleaner for its effectiveness and safety. Reviews highlight its ease of use and the peace of mind it brings, knowing that their homes are clean without the use of harsh chemicals. For more insights, you can check Force of Nature cleaner reviews on various platforms, including Reddit, where users share their personal experiences.

How To Use Force of Nature Cleaner

How To Use Force of Nature Cleaner

Using the Force of Nature cleaner is straightforward and the Force of Nature cleaner’s instructions for use make cleaning a very easy task. Here are the basic steps:

1. Fill the provided bottle with water.

2. Add the pre-measured capsule containing salt and vinegar.

3. Insert the activator and press the button to start the electrolysis process.

4. Once the solution is ready, you can use it to clean and disinfect various surfaces in your home.

Recommended Surfaces and Cleaning Tasks

The Force of Nature cuts through grime! This eco-friendly cleaner harnesses the power of electrolyzed water to tackle dirt, grease, and germs on various surfaces. Safe for countertops, appliances, and even children’s toys, it cleans effectively without harsh chemicals. This cleaner is safe to use on a variety of surfaces, including:

  • Sealed stone countertops
  • Glass and mirrors
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Floors
  • Bathrooms
  • Carpets and upholstery

How To Achieve Best Results With Force of Nature Cleaner

How To Achieve Best Results With Force of Nature Cleaner

To achieve the best cleaning results with Force of Nature cleaner, it’s essential to use the solution as soon as it’s prepared. The electrolysis process that activates the cleaner ensures maximum effectiveness within the first two weeks, so using it promptly is key. Here are some additional tips:

1. Use within 2 weeks of activation: Since the solution is most potent when freshly mixed, aim to use it within the two-week period.

2. Store properly: Store the mixed solution in a cool, dark place to maintain its efficacy.

3. Prep the surface before use: Before applying the cleaner, ensure that surfaces are free from heavy dirt or debris to allow the solution to work effectively.

4. Apply evenly: Spray the cleaner directly onto the surface and allow it to sit for a few minutes before wiping to ensure thorough disinfection.

5. Shake well before use: Regularly mix new batches to maintain a consistent supply of effective cleaning solutions.

By following these tips, you can maximize the benefits of Force of Nature cleaner and maintain a cleaner, healthier home environment.

How Much Does Force of Nature Cleaner Cost?

How Much Does Force of Nature Cleaner Cost?

The Force of Nature cleaner is competitively priced, considering its multi-purpose capabilities and eco-friendly benefits. You can find detailed pricing information on their official website.

Cost Comparison with Other Cleaners:

When compared to traditional cleaners, Force of Nature offers significant savings over time. You are essentially making your own cleaner at home, reducing the need to buy multiple products for different cleaning tasks.

However, the long-term savings and value for money must also be considered. In the long run, using Force of Nature cleaner can save you money. Its versatility means you can replace several products with just one, and the environmental benefits add an extra layer of value.

Force of Nature Cleaner: What We Like

There’s a long list of things that we appreciate about the Force of Nature Cleaner. From usage safety to eco-friendly ingredient list, here’s what makes this cleaner a better alternative to toxic cleaners you have at home.

Safe and Non-Toxic

Force of Nature Cleaner
Source: Force of Nature

The Force of Nature Cleaner stands out for its safety profile. Made from natural ingredients like salt, water, and vinegar, it avoids the harmful chemicals found in many traditional cleaners. This makes it an excellent choice for households with children and pets, providing peace of mind that your cleaning routine isn’t exposing your family to toxic substances.


The environmental benefits of Force of Nature cleaner are significant. By using simple, natural ingredients and an innovative electrolysis process, this cleaner reduces the reliance on single-use plastic bottles and harmful chemicals. Its eco-friendly nature helps decrease your household’s carbon footprint, making it a responsible choice for those committed to sustainability.

Effective Against Germs and Bacteria

Despite its gentle formulation, Force of Nature cleaner is highly effective against germs and bacteria. It kills 99.9% of harmful microorganisms, including viruses and bacteria, making it a powerful tool in maintaining a hygienic home. Its effectiveness is comparable to traditional disinfectants, providing robust protection without the downsides of chemical cleaners.

Multi-Purpose Use

One of the greatest advantages of Force of Nature cleaner is its versatility. It can be used on a wide range of surfaces, from countertops and floors to bathroom fixtures and even carpets. This multi-purpose capability means you can streamline your cleaning products, using one safe and effective solution for numerous tasks around your home.

Force of Nature Cleaner: Room for Improvement

No product is perfect, least of all a chemical-free cleaning solution. While putting the product to use, Ecowiser bulleted these following points that can be improved upon by the brand.

Slight Bleach-Like Smell

Our editor noticed a bleach-like smell while using the product. At times, the stench was overwhelming. While some find it reassuring, associating the scent with cleanliness, others may find it less pleasant. We understand that the bleachy odor is a byproduct of the electrolysis process, and while it dissipates quickly, it’s something to consider if you are sensitive to smells.

Two-Week Shelf Life for the Mixed Solution

Once activated, the solution can last only two weeks. This means that users need to regularly mix new batches to maintain its effectiveness. This is a hassling process, regardless of its simplicity. This added effort as compared to conventional cleaners that have longer shelf lives can drive away customers who see the the limitation as a minor inconvenience in their cleaning routine.

Where to Buy Force of Nature Cleaner?

Force of Nature Cleaner is available online and in major retail stores across US. The best way is through their official website, where you can find detailed product information, pricing, and customer reviews.

To ensure you are getting the authentic product, Ecowiser recommends you to buy from the official website or authorized retailers. The official site is offering a 40% discount as of moment, so it’s best to check the products right here.

Disclaimer: Ecowiser earns a small commission from affiliate links at no extra cost to you.

Summing Up!

Force of Nature Cleaner is a better and more sustainable alternative to traditional chemical cleaners. From the hands that it touches to the canals it is disposed in, the chemical-free formulation of a cleaner is a better deal for all of us. What makes Force of Nature products stand out is their effectiveness, and versatility in maintaining a clean and healthy home environment.

If you’ve jumped down here to read the final verdict, then here it is: Force of Nature is worth the bucks. Its unique electrolysis process transforms simple ingredients into a powerful disinfectant to ensure a high level of cleanliness without leverage harmful chemicals. Moreover, the product is child-safe and pet-safe, and comes with eco-friendly benefits that underscore the brand’s suitability for conscientious households.

Ready to try Force of Nature Cleaner yourself? Check the products right here.

At Ecowiser, we are dedicated to helping you find sustainable solutions for a greener lifestyle. If you’re interested in making the switch to safer, more eco-friendly home products, visit Ecowiser: your personal sustainable shopping buddy.

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