Top Benefits of Decluttering Your Home Before or After the Move

You think you know how much stuff you have until you decide to move. Only when you start emptying your closets and drawers do you realize that you’ve been pointlessly storing surplus, expired, and broken things. In fact, 54% of Americans feel overwhelmed by the amount of clutter in their homes, but 78% of them don’t know what to do about it.

So, to ensure a stress-free move and avoid cluttering your new place as well, it might be best to get rid of anything you no longer need or like. Here are some of the benefits you will experience if you decide to declutter your home before or after the move.

how to declutter your house in 30 days

It Helps You Save Precious Time

Preparations for the move can quickly become chaotic as you rush to get everything done before the moving day. On top of all the packing and cleaning, you probably still have to go to work and take care of your family every day. In such a situation, every moment is precious, and the last thing you need is to pack (and later unpack) piles of stuff you’ll never use. So, getting rid of unwanted belongings like broken DVD and VHS players, old magazines, or clothes that don’t fit leaves you with more time to focus on the more important things.

Decluttering Helps You Get More Space

Did you know that 25% of Americans don’t have enough room to park their car in the garage because of all the stuff they have stored inside? Another interesting fact is that 80% of things people own they never use, at least according to NAPO. That means we cram our homes with possessions, hoping we will have a chance to use them one day.

Decluttering helps you break this cycle. It lets you say goodbye to items you once cherished but have no use of anymore. So, before you start a new chapter of your life, leave behind the clutter that only weighs you down. Maybe you can fill the empty space with something that inspires you or simply enjoy the minimalist lifestyle.

It Helps You Save Money

In an interview with The Moving Mom, Nancy Zafrani, General Manager at Oz Moving & Storage, talks about how the cost is calculated for a move. She points out that “if you are moving locally, the services are generally based on either an hourly rate (again, the more you have or have the movers do, the more it will cost) or by volume (a written binding estimate or “flat price” based on the list of property). Long-distance or interstate moves are based on volume, either cubic foot or pound.”

So, if you want to spare your budget some unnecessary expenses, try decluttering while you pack your belongings. By getting rid of unwanted and unnecessary items, you will spend less money on moving supplies and movers services.

You’ll Be Able to Keep Your New Home Well Organized

Are you sometimes late for work because you can’t find the one pair of shoes or a shirt you need? Or maybe you had to run to a pharmacy to get the medicine you know you have at home but couldn’t figure out where. If you take the time to sort through your possessions when you unpack, you can avoid these and similar situations. Since you’ll own only those things that hold some value for you, it’ll be easier to keep track of them.

Also, just imagine how much cash you’ll be able to save on double purchases! The Pixie survey points out that Americans collectively spend $2.7 billion on replacing products they can’t find each year. Basically, two-thirds of us pay up to $50 annually to buy things we already have. For this reason, it’s better to keep your house well-organized after the move.

Decluttering Is Good for Your Physical and Mental Health

To highlight how owning too much stuff affects us, let’s look at a few scientific facts. Clutter increases people’s anxiety and stress levels, which is especially true for women. Also, those who live in cramped homes tend to have sleep problems, lack focus and make poor eating choices. Researchers even claim that people who live in very cluttered homes have a 77% chance of becoming obese.

Another thing to consider is dust, mold, and mites that can hide among the piles of unused items. Any one of them can cause asthma, allergies, and other health issues. 

So, to improve your health and general well-being, leave enough time before the moving date to go through your stuff. Then, make sure to get rid of anything that has no emotional, monetary, or practical value in your life.

It Gives You a Chance to Do Something Nice for Others

Of course, you can always throw away or sell items you don’t want to take with you to your new house. But why not think about donating some of it to your old or new community? Another family might appreciate the toys, furniture, clothes, or shoes you have no use for. It is a great way to honor the memories you made in your old house or little mementos you can’t make yourself throw away.

Final Thoughts

Decluttering is a long process, and you might feel overwhelmed on more than one occasion before it’s done. Still, try not to give up because you and your family will gain much from it. Your new home will be well organized, and you will spend less time cleaning it. Also, you’ll feel more in control and confident, which is precisely the kind of boost you need when starting afresh.

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Dr. Divya Goil

Dr. Divya Goil

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