02. Verify sustainability claims through certified actions 1

The top two reasons that discourage consumers from purchasing sustainable fashion are limited availability and the challenge of distinguishing sustainable products (Bain & Company, 2022). Certifications not only enhance credibility of sustainability and ethical claims, but also prevent confusion and greenwashing, in addition to ensuring transparency through third-party audits of materials, factories, and traders, while raising awareness about sustainability and fair practices in the industry.

Listed below are a compiled selection of the leading certifications in the fashion industry supply chain to assist you in navigating the realm of sustainable production. These certifications encompass fair labour practices, social considerations, and environmental impact.

The Environment

Lower Impact Materials:

Material Processing/ Chemical Control:


Emissions Offset:

Worker Wellbeing

Fair Conditions/Third Party Audits:

Animal Welfare

Certified Vegan:

Responsible Sourcing for Animal Ingredients:

Giving Back


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