01. Be transparent 1

From sourcing to sales, transparency necessitates that organizations disclose credible and comprehensive information about their practices while also highlighting their workplace conditions and stance on animal testing.

So, open your doors and let your customers take a peek behind the curtains.

What should you disclose? Let's breakdown

Mother Earth First

  • What materials are used to manufacture products and what is the percentage (%) of each material type
  • What is the brand to eliminate plastics from its product collections and packaging
  • What steps are being taken to reduce/eliminate waste generation in terms of textile waste, wastewater, end-of-life waste, toxic waste, air pollutants, etc.
  • If the brand is using leathers, is it being sourced from Leather Working Group (LWG) Gold/Silver-rated tanneries
  • What steps are being taken to reduce the company’s water and carbon footprint
  • Are the brands products made-to-order/ made in small batches/ mass-produced

Who made my clothes?

  • Map out the entire supply chain and disclose Tier 1 to Tier 4 suppliers
  • What conditions are people working in
  • Are there policies/standards in place to ensure/improve worker health and safety
  • Are workers being paid living wages as defined by Global Living Wage Coalition, if not is there a plan in place to ensure workers will be paid living wages
  • What rights do workers have
  • Is there a Code of Conduct for suppliers based on International Labour Organization (ILOs) standards
  • Are any third parties auditing suppliers to ensure fair working conditions
  • Does the brand personally visit its suppliers to monitor them

For the love of animals

  • Are animal-derived raw materials used to manufacture products
  • Is the brand using exotic animal skins/hair
  • Are animal-derived raw materials certified responsibly sourced
  • Does the brand have an animal welfare policy in place based on “The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare”
  • In what manner does the brand control over treatment of animals
  • Is the brand sourcing mulesing-free wool

Giving back is always in style

  • What role does the brand play in giving back to communities/ the planet
  • Does the brand support underprivileged communities

mdi globe  Fashion Index, 2023

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