Brand and Rating System

Our Parameters For Brand Selection And Our Rating System

We get how difficult it is to find genuine eco-friendly products today. That is why we do the work for you—so, you get all the benefits with just a few clicks. In comparison to the unsustainable products you find on shopping sites, the alternatives we recommend are 100% ethical and clean. We take the utmost care to bring only the finest to the table for you.

How we select brands 

The brands we suggest to you must comply with our Pillars of Sustainability and our evidence-based research process.

The six Pillars of Sustainability we abide by and look for in brands we choose are:

  • Low-waste
  • People-friendly 
  • Animal-friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Low GHG Emissions
  • Cost-effective and Highly-rated

We access the impact of the products we choose from their cradle to grave, i.e. from procurement to disposal. 

Our team of sustainability researchers collects information for choosing brands from three primary sources:

Certifications – Vetted to include only the most reliable and relevant ones, like Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), UL Ecologo, MadeSafe, OEKO-TEX & Fair Trade.

Third-Party Reports – Trustworthy sources like sustainability consultancies, academic research, and other organizations dedicated to environmental responsibility.

Public Information – We also take into account the public information made available by companies on their own websites.

Our rating system for brands 

To cut through the heaps of information available out there, and deliver only what’s relevant and real, we have 2 mechanisms we use to get you legit product recommendations.

  • Our scoring system – it lets you quickly compare products

We rate each product from 1–10. Where 1 represents ‘non-ethical and unsustainable’, and 10 represents ‘highly ethical and sustainable’.

  • Our badges – they ensure the product you choose is aligned with your beliefs

We have badges for each category, like vegan, fair trade, gives back, etc, that make a product sustainable and ethical. 

These rating systems ensure that you find the best affordable eco-friendly alternatives with ease.

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