Top 10 Makeup Companies That Surprisingly Test On Animals in 2022!


There is an abundance of brands that test on animals.  Some beauty brands that test on animals that used to be cruelty-free have also started testing on animals to join the markets where animal testing is required by law, for example, in China.


L’Oréal isn’t a cruelty-free company and can conduct animal testing on its own, through suppliers, or a third party.

Green Blob


Benefit has addressed that they paid for animal tests done for their  products in China and don’t test on animals unless required by law.  Animal testing is required in mainland China. Hence their products are  sold there as well.


Maybelline’s animal testing policy states that they don’t test final  products or ingredients on animals and that no third parties test on  their behalf unless compelled by law. However, their suppliers aren’t  specifically included in this policy.


NARS may have some vegan products, but it is not cruelty-free certified, according to any organization.


MAC is downplaying its role in animal experimentation and employing  strong language to suggest a completely cruelty-free company, but it is  false, and their policy is misleading.

Rimmel London

Rimmel London confirms that they do not test finished products on  animals, but they also state that they do so in mainland China where it  is mandated by law. Also, there’s no mention of their sources or  substances, either.


Clinique is not a cruelty-free company and may test on animals directly  or involving a third party. Even though Clinique claims not to test on  animals, they do so through third parties.

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